11 Popular Indian Food That Are Not Indian At All.

11 Popular Indian Food That Are Not Indian At All.

What is the main thing that strikes a chord when you consider legitimate Indian cooking?

Samosa, jalebi, and rajma are a portion of the well known dishes that we as a whole eat all the time. We brag about the perfect amalgamation of various flavors in these dishes. As hard as it may sound to trust, the vast majority of our staple dishes aren’t Indian by any means. We have positively given them an Indian flavor to treat our tastebuds, yet they have an entire distinctive beginning.


I will begin with my most loved sort of tidbits – Samosa. These fresh dark colored triangular tidbits were initially called “Sambosa” and were acquainted in the fourteenth century with Indians by dealers who originated from the Middle East. Obviously, they absolutely gave India the best present ever!

Dal Bhat

This basic container India dish originated from our neighbors in Nepal.


All the Rajma darlings will detest me for this, yet kidney beans were first presented by the Portuguese. Afterward, Mexicans accompanied a comparative form in the wake of splashing and bubbling kidney beans. We cleaved our most loved veggies and added our tart flavors to it while developing it to rajma!

Gulab Jamun

Dunked in paradise, the first dish (luqmat al qadi) is a Persian treat that is blended with nectar syrup and sprinkled with powder sugar. I absolutely need to attempt the first form of my most loved pastry now!


Try not to rub your eyes! As per history specialists, Jalebi’s unique name is “zalibiya” and it came the distance from the Middle East. It is the thicker rendition of Jalebi and is served steaming hot.


The vast majority of you may definitely realize that tea was initially conveyed to India by the British Government (East India Company) from China. It was initially developed to fill restorative needs and later turned into our adored regular beverage.

Channel Coffee

I likewise used to believe that channel espresso began from Madras! There has been a reasonable notice in the historical backdrop of how a Sufi holy person (Baba Budan) conveyed channel espresso from Yemen to India, harking back to the sixteenth century.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Because we have included “masala” to the dish, it doesn’t imply that it is Indian. It was first made by a cook in Glasgow (Ali Ahmed) in 1971. In a matter of a couple of years, it won our hearts!


Likewise passes by “Indian bread” nowadays, naan follows its inception the distance to Persia.


The majority of us surmise that Vindaloo has been started from Goa. All things considered, you are nearly there. This delightful dish has a Portuguese starting point and is cooked with wine and garlic. The local name of this dish is “Carne de vinha d’alhos”.


Another famous Persian dish, it returned to India route in the sixteenth century. It was initially named as “birian”, which signifies “seared before cooking” in Arabic. Furthermore, no – there is no such thing as veggie lover biryani.

OK! My mouth is watering as of now. I’ll be ideal back in the wake of having a couple Gulab Jamuns.