11 Unheard Facts About Nana Patekar Proves He is a Real Life Hero

11 Unheard Facts About Nana Patekar Proves He is a Real Life Hero

Nana Patekar is one of the most talented, humble and down to earth actor in Bollywood. He started his career in the late 70s and he worked really hard to get to the perfect place where he is now.

Over a period of time, Nana had established himself as one of the finest actors in Bollywood. Nana has always left us amazed at the kind of roles he has been playing over the years. 

This super talented star is not just an actor but also a writer, philanthropist, and filmmaker. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about the multifaceted star.

1- He leads a simple, un-luxurious life. Unlike his colleagues who have a lavish manner to live in, Nana still lives in a 1BHK flat with his mother. He does not believe in extravagant spending, rather he likes to spend money on welfare if general public.

2- He has also gifted sewing machines to the widows of the farmers who had committed suicide. He helped almost 62 families by giving Rs 15,000 to each in Latur.

3- Nana‘s foundation collected a total of Rs. 22 crore for the welfare of farmers. From this amount they’ll fill the dry lakes of the villages so that they get water supply and also provide drinking water to all villagers.

4- Nana had done a three-year army training programme for his film ‘Prahaar’ and was given the honorary rank of Captain. Post his film’s shoot, he reportedly went back and served in the army during the Kargil war. Now you know why he is such a disciplined and rigid personality.

5- He even established an organization with his friend and co-actor, Makarand Anaspure, named Naam Foundation in 2015, which aims in providing aid to the farmers suffering from draught. Naam Foundation collected rupees 80 lakhs on the very same day the foundation got its bank account activated. 

6- In a cheque distribution ceremony in Marathwada, Nana himself went to every seat to give away the cheque to the farmer widows.

7- After two-and-half years of his father’s death, Nana lost his son. But he never showcased his pain and continued doing social work.

8- There was a time in his life when painted zebra crossings and movie posters to earn a living. When his fathers business came to a shutdown, Nana took a part-time job where he just earned Rs 35 per day and just one meal.

9- He once said that he believes in earning respect and recognition not in earning money.

10- Nana’s son Malhar is also an actor. The screen legend, however, refused to offer his son any help to establish himself in the industry. He reportedly did so, as he believed his son should struggle and hard work to secure his place in the industry. He was of the opinion that Malhar should find his way on his own and become a self-made star.


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