11 Unknown Heroes Of India Who Devoted Their Lives For A Cause

11 Unknown Heroes Of India Who Devoted Their Lives For A Cause

Generally people Idolise their favourite actors ,cricketers and so any they want to follow their lifestyle. people are inspired by their fictitious roles and make them a hero but people fail to recognise them who is the real hero in real life .

Here we are sharing 20 photos of those heroes who really deserves respects and real life hero . Their life is an inspiration for all of us and its time that we give them the recognition they deserve.

1. Sindhutai Sapkal – Mother Of Orphans

Sindhutai Sapkal, affectionately known as the “Mother of Orphans”, is an Indian social worker and social activist known particularly for her work in raising orphaned children in India. She was conferred a Doctorate in Literature by the DY Patil Institute of Technology and Research in 2016.

She is very strong and challenging women who faced very worst situation in which any one can lose courage. She was born on 14 November 1948 at Pimpri village in Wardha district of Maharashtra. Even though she has an interest towards studies, she could not continue her studies after fourth grade due to family responsibilities and early marriage. At the age of 10 she got married  to 30 year old man . she being mother of three son just age 20th .She put up a successful agitation against a local strongman who was fleecing the villagers on collection of dried cow dung used as fuel in India and selling it in collusion with forest department, without paying anything to the villagers. Her agitation brought the district collector to her village and on realising she was right, he passed an order which the strongman did not like. Stung by the insult at the hands of a poor woman, the strongman managed to convince her husband to abandon her when she was beyond 9 months of her pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl in cow shelter and cut the umbilical cord with a stone. the saddest part is that she walked a few kilometers to get shelter in her mother house but she refuse to given her shelter.her situation compelled her for begging . she started begging at railway platforms for food to look after her daughter. where she found that there many children who abandoned by their parents . she adopted those around her who couldn’t earn and didn’t have parents to take care of them. Sindhutai Sapkal has a huge family of 207 sons-in-law, 36 daughters-in-law and over 1000 grandchildren. Some of them are engineers, doctors, and lawyers. She has won over 500 awards, but wait, have you ever heard of her.

2. Gangadhara Tilak Katnam – Filled 1,125 Potholes On Hyderabad’s Roads

Gangadhar Tilak is a railway retired employee . Generally people will planned to relaxation after retirement but he chosen something different. 67-years old retired Railway employee starts his car every morning and drives around on Hyderabad roads to repair the potholes. So far, he filled 1,125 potholes to make Hyderabad’s roads safer for commuters and has exhausted his pension in this process.

3. Omkarnath Sharma – Medicine Baba

Omkar Nath Sharma born in India also known as the “Medicine Baba” is a retired blood bank technician from Kailash Hospital in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, who voluntarily collects unused medicines from people and distributes them to the poor for free of charge.

Omkar started collecting medicine after realising the acute medicine shortage, when he witnessed the Delhi Metro under-construction bridge collapsed in  Delhi ,Claiming the lives of two labourers and injuring many others. The local hospital administered basic first aid but nothing else. The injured returned home to die being unable to afford the cost of treatment. That incident shook Omkar and he became determined to not let something like this happen again.  Sharma began his mission in 2008.  He walks 5-7 kms every day for procuring non-prescription medicines. He has now gained some regular contributors.

4. Nandlal Master – Educates Village Children

Nandlal Master, the local weaver from a village near Varanasi, he realised that people can not afford education of their children, and they are forced to marry their children at early age, which has severely affected the lives of children . Therefore, he decided to start a mission to empower women and end the child labor.Nandlal started a learning Center to educate children from villages around him. Now, he has over 500 students from less privileged homes. He conducted more than 700 weddings to help out families. He is now on a mission to promote inter-caste marriages and breaking traditions like dowry.

5. Daripalli Ramaiah – The Man Who Planted More Than 10 Million Trees

Daripalli Ramaiah known as the Chetla Ramaiah is an Indian social worker known for his social forestry initiatives.
He received Padma shri award in 2017 for his invaluable contribution to extending tree cover.  he locally known as Chetla Ramaiah , trees Ramaiah. He is on the mission to bring back green cover. Approximately he planted 10 million saplings in Khammam district.He sold his three-acre plot of land to gather the necessary funds to purchase seeds and plant saplings. When someone gifted him Rs. 5,000 during his son’s marriage, he used that money also to this cause! He carries a scarf which says “Vriksho Rakshati Rakshitaha” whenever he sets out to plant saplings.

6. Pravin Tulpule – On A Mission To Bring A Smile On The Face Of Children Suffering From Deathly Diseases

Pravin  Tulpule is ex officer of Indian Navy , After serving 7 year in Indian navy he decided to serve children in the hope to bring a smile to the face of a child who suffering from the deadly disease.He acts as a magician and shows a magic trick that makes children happy and surprising, who also make funny faces, who blast a laugh. He also conducted many hygiene related campaigns in schools, especially focusing on the importance of washing hands, which he expressed through the trick of magic. Apart from this, Praveen is the regular donor.

7. Swapnil Tewari – Organization For The Betterment Of Tribal Communities

the Next name in this list includes Swapnil who started a company called “Naked Colours” to support the endangered tribal artisans of India. Swapnil rescue the troubled families, given a marketing platform to endangered artisans, and brought people from the brink of suicide and more. She has also started an organisation that focuses on women’s security – Pink Whistle project.

8. Chewang Norphel – The Ice Man Of India

Chewang is a civil engineer who works for the betterment of Ladakh people . he has creates 10 glaciers in Ladakh to deal with water scarcity in the area. In 1966, he was given the task to build schools, canals, roads, bridges, etc. He trained villagers for this task due to lack of skilled labor in this remote area. his trained labourers now become a proper labourers .

9. Kamala Lochan Baliarsingh – Despite Extreme Poverty, He Feeds Stray Dogs

Kamala Lochan BaliarSingh is a man with a golden heart, though he does not have enough to feed himself but he tries to feed stray dogs.For the past 10 years, he has been feeding these stray dogs. And yeah, he does not take charity and he survives with his selflessness.

10. Kalyanasundaram – Man Of The Millennium

In present scenario everyone want to make money or want to double it. the world is full of selfish people who just think about themselves . but here we are talking about a person who is the man of the millennium. he Born at Melakarivelamkulam in Tamil Nadu, 70-year-old Kalyanasundaram has donated every penny of his earnings towards charity. He did part-time jobs to earn some extra money to survive. The mind-blowing thing is he even donated his pension of Rs. 10 Lakhs and an award of a whopping Rs. 30 Crores also to charity. For the past 30 years, he has been donating all his money to charity .

11. Navin Gulia – Despite His Disabledness, He Runs NGO To Bring Change In The Lives Of Marginalized Children

Since childhood, Navin Gulia wanted to join Indian Army as a “Commando”. An unfortunate event changed his life forever and made him disabled. He spent two years in a hospital, unable to move. However, Gulia being passionate has started an initiative, ‘Apni Duniya Apna Ashiana’, to support marginalized children from weaker sections of society.

Modifying a basic Maruti 800 into a disabled-friendly model, Gulia drove to Khardung La, and hit the headlines for driving non-stop for 55 hours. Gulia is an example of true courage and immense passion. Clearly, no disability is strong enough to stop someone from chasing his dreams.