12 Crazy Toilet Designs in The World That You Must See

12 Crazy Toilet Designs in The World That You Must See

On day by day base we use toilet  at home, work place, school or out in the open. With this we come to see distinctive latrine plans. While a few plans are fine for us, some are amusing and others simply futile (yet in crisis we have to go!). We have likewise figured out how to get a few pictures of open can structure far and wide among which some are delightfully planned, some are amusing and bizarre as well.

1. Kenya

It’s not just Kenya with such open restrooms. Be that as it may, numerous different nations, for example, India, Bangladesh, and so on are as an inseparable unit with Kenya when coming to open can structure.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland, well known nation among the vacationers is likewise up to our desire in broad daylight can plan. This is an image of open latrine in Zurich, the biggest city of Switzerland and you can see a decent spray painting. With latrine you can appreciate the lovely spray painting.

3. Japan

Japan over recent years have totally changed the situation of their can framework. They currently are among the best nations with very created toilets. Other than this at numerous spots Japanese have grown super plan toilets. You can’t envision the place being an open latrine. Simply see!


Africa has even abandoned Kenya in general society can configuration challenge. In any case, one thing to see that you won’t discover such exceptional Eco-accommodating can configuration encompassed with plants and mountains around, LOL!

5. China

Is it a can for sure? Flawlessly cut with everything simply impeccable even the logo is immaculate. Numerous individuals may very well utilize these tile to cover their home and here in China they have used to make their open washrooms amazing.

Other than demonstrating workmanship, Chinese Govt I figure I particularly worried about the security of their kin. Another open restroom in China appears to have been manufactured projectile evidence so Chinese are protected inside that too with no unsettling influence.


We live in present day world so I will rate this a the No. 1 open can as it looks like the present tech time. We got each latrine include on our fingertips.

The ice restroom, is another astounding open washroom in Korea which is great to watch.

7. Qatar

Middle Easterner nations carry on with a sumptuous life. Along these lines, there is no uncertainty, them having lovely structure open restrooms. In spite of the fact that not unreasonably amazing but rather it isn’t so much that awful as well.

8. Iceland

Despite the fact that a basic open can however being printed with photographs is the reason we added it to our rundown. Generally Iceland got some full robotized open road restroom’s with highlight of self-cleaning.


Being most intense nation clearly open restrooms will be very great. In spite of the fact that not adequate to beat Dubai, Korea still they are decent in their own specific manner.

10. Dubai

This may appear to be straightforward. However, as far as anyone is concerned not simply lovely lighting are executed in Dubai open washrooms, likewise toilets are completely programmed. From opening to shutting and flush to hand washing.


Due to the huge amount of beer there were also many of these toilets everywhere. They love chatting while having a leak.


Seems like Chinese believe in Group “hugging.”