12 Epic Clothing Disasters That Went Viral

12 Epic Clothing Disasters That Went Viral

When it comes to fashion, there’s a pretty thin line between what’s awesome and what’s just plain awful. While we would agree that not everyone has the same taste when it comes to fashion – that is what makes fashion trends after all – we are almost certain that some items of clothing just scream “fashion disaster”.

And sometimes those disasters happen to be absolutely hilarious. Like these:

1- Crocs, for the punk in you!

2- This baby is going to grow up with the toughest love in the world.

3- Nothing like some good advise to help cheer you up.

4- Couldn’t dirty the feet but had to follow the street fashion. 

5- Well, that’s a periodic skirt. 

6- The orchestra players love to play hangman.

7- A slight oversight with this one, wouldn’t you agree?

8- The designers didn’t really think this one through.

9- The mermaid transformed into a human and that’s her dead tail.

10- The father is definitely obsessed with the kid.

11- It looks like you can unzip her body and climb on in.

12- There’s no excusing this awkward design!


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