12 Rare Photos Of Jawaharlal Nehru He Didn’t Want You To See

12 Rare Photos Of Jawaharlal Nehru He Didn’t Want You To See

Our first prime minister Pandit Jawahar Lal  Nehru was so handsome humble and loved by children . He was not only man of work but he was expert to steal the heart of the children. Beside a influence leader he was charming also. Every girls want her partner like him.  He steal the heart of many Young ladies especially his beloved Edwina Mountbatten.

Still he known as a Chacha Nehru and first  prime minister of India , a historic leader of india for his unique fashion follower, rocking affairs with many women and his topi and jacket is still in fashion. Guys of now a days love to wear .

In spite of his pleasant things there are some secret which he doesn’t want to share with any one. But today we are disclosing them Which we will show the photographs nothing is wrong in it but any one can relize his personal life after seeing these photo .

1.In this photo Mr pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru standing along with his brother in law Ranjit Sitaram Pandit in a jail due to disobedience of civil movement . He was imprisioned many times.

2.Really it’s amazing to see that our prime Minister is riding huge yak in Bhutan. Have u ever seen such a amazing photo.

3. Pandit ji is very happy with Edwina Mountbatten. He use to seen to flirt with her . His flirt moment has been captured.

4.Really in this photo he is just like Gentleman who is litting up the lighter to cigarette for Mrs Simon. But it is a rumoured that he was also a chain smoker.

5.No doubt he was very handsome and magnetic personality so many ladies usually attracted towards him very easily.

6.Do u want any other proof for his conduct of flirt.

7. After the partition of India he became tired and gave vote in a india partition duration.

8. He lost his temper during a debate so he is throwing a pillow to the opposition party in 1950.

9. Pandit ji loves to play with sword . He was a sword warrior. It was his hidden trait which we disclose today.

10.It was the most weird photo of pandit ji. The moment was captured while he was coming out to swim in swimming pool without clothes only having a topi… is it looking classy.

11. But he was not alone here are some ladies with whom he is chilling like a James Bond .really his life is full of romance also..

12. It’s truly said that rules are made to be broken. Here is tha example given by our prime minister. He was a fun loving guy.


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