12 Times Proved Why even Haters fall in Love with MS DHONI’s Simplicity

12 Times Proved Why even Haters fall in Love with MS DHONI’s Simplicity

MS Dhoni who was once a ticket collector in his mean days, but his dedication and passion for cricket made him a idealistic superstar of the cricket world. Despite being the richest cricketer, his incredible simplicity level be it on the field or off the field inspires to many. He is a epitome of simplicity, who doesn’t forget his moral values even when he is on cloud 9. Down to earth level of MS Dhoni is so kind that he has become Bottle Boy to helping hand to cover the pitch. Dhoni knows the value of journey which he has traveled from ticket collector to trophy collector and that’s why people who don’t know much about cricket but stills they start respecting this soul. Dhoni has contributed significantly in the improvising of Indian cricket and has given so much proud historic moments to Indians.

Dhoni taking a power nap during India vs Sri Lanka Match, which was stopped due to the fans of Sri Lanka who hurled bottles on the ground.

His love for bike needs no introduction. Captain cool looking after his ride.

MS Dhoni getting hair-cut from a common barber.

This man is multi-talented. Dhoni cleaning marble At his new house

Captain cool with his wife Sakshi enjoying every bite of food

Dhoni playing football in Ranchi

Dhoni with wife Sakshi in Passport Office

Enjoying the Rain

MS Dhoni with Satya Prakas !! The greatness of a man lies in his simplicity

Dhoni became water boy to bring drinks for the players on the field.

Roaming just like a common man

Dhoni along with his teammates resting on airport while waiting for their flight.


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