13 Moments That Prove Why ‘War’ Is The Best Film Of 2019

13 Moments That Prove Why ‘War’ Is The Best Film Of 2019

The minute the trailer for ‘War’ hit the internet, I knew that there was going to be a lot of action, and a lot of dance. Guys, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff dancing on the same screen, together. Can it ever get better than this?

‘War’ tells the story of an intelligence agent Kabir (played by Hrithik Roshan) who is on a mission to kill Indian officers and therefore has to be eliminated. Khalid (played by Tiger Shroff) is given the responsibility to take Kabir down. The twist here is that Kabir was once Khalid’s mentor.

What follows is a series of power-packed stunts, brilliantly choreographed dance numbers, and two extremely hot and bronzed hunks chasing each other.

Let’s have a look at some of the best moments of the movie:

1- The film is an incredible example of how graciousness ain’t dead. Since a villian waits for completion of the hero’s speech before trying and failing to murder them. Much the same as terrorists does in actuality.

2- Even when Khalid and Kabir have an entire team loaded with weapons with them they chose to kill the terrorist through their kicks.

3- When Khalid’s body was connected to medical equipments (including two for respiratory-help), Khalid still says what he wanna say.

4- The background score of Khalid’s heartbeat skyrocketing when he sees Kabir for the first time. This prepares you for witnessing a bromance you’ve never seen.

5- Kabir builds super strong magnets when he plans a murder, mid-air and uses them to jump from one plane to another. Looks like the magnets are more strong than air pressure, gravity and physics.

The scene shows Kabir hanging onto literally anything. Like in this one he’s hanging onto a person’s foot who is himself hanging mid air.

Even the plane’s door is open nothing moves an inch from its place.

And Kabir’s shoes are doing it all for him, he doesn’t even need to hold anything with his hands.

Even the door of the car does not slide through the open plane’s dor.

6- Khalid’s mom finds out the secret hideout where he is staying. After all maa ke pyaar ke aage kuch nahi!!!

7- Many scenes showcased that fire doesn’t harm our heroes.

Khalid jumps out of a burning car, only to gaze into Kabir’s eyes the next moment. 

Kabir jumps out of a car, mid-air, and then a plane bursts into flames right above him. But even a single flicker of flame does not reach him. 

Kabir literally rides through an explosion, without a single burn. 

8- Kabir has to wear a sling on his hand after getting hurt in the process of killing a terrorist but the next moment we can see him dancing with Khalid.

9- Khalid always jumps off in every scene. Be it dancing, killing or getting up to run after falling from a bike.

10- In the same way Kabir is always seen doing his signature move of putting on sunglasses in every scene.

11- Khalid has the perfect response when one of Kabir’s subordinate jokingly comments that she’d elope with him.

12- In the end we get to know how Saurabh through plastic surgery takes Khalid’s face and works against his own country and Kabir.

13- The ‘multi-purpose’ defense ship which contains missile launchers that can destroy satellites and even luxury cars. 

The scene where Kabir reminds Khalid aka Saurabh that he was already aware of the fact that Saurabh was impersonating Kabir. And knowing that, he consumed an antidote before Saurabh poisoned him.


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