13 Of The Biggest Lies Ever Told In The History Of India

13 Of The Biggest Lies Ever Told In The History Of India

It might appear to be harder for u to accept in the wake of perusing this article however the rundown of things we will introduce you presently will without a doubt explode your psyche. There have been numerous misguided judgments in the History of India, I rehash, Misconceptions.

From lords who controlled this land to the divine beings who strolled this dirt, our nation has made considerable progress. With history, tagged along falsehoods that are to a great extent accepted to be valid by Indians. Here are 10 such lies that are effortlessly the greatest lies at any point advised to Indians.

#1 This Picture Of Gandhi Dancing With A White British Lady

Succumbed to it? The man in the photograph hitting the dance floor with a woman isn’t Mahatma Gandhi. This is really an Australian on-screen character dressed like Gandhi for a gathering. Gandhi is unquestionably one good example; we have performing artists dressing like him.

#2 Hockey Is India’s National Sport

Point the finger at it on our school course books, we were dependably informed that hockey is India’s national game. All things considered, it’s definitely not! There’s no national game of India.

In a RTI answer, the Sports Ministry has clarified that it has not announced there has not been any official request or warning which considers hockey the national amusement, while the web-based interface of the administration, www.india.gov.in, has posted an article calling hockey India’s National Game. The reality remains that it was never pronounced our national game despite the fact that it is everywhere on our NCERT course books.

#3 India Was Disqualified From FIFA World Cup 1950 Because Players Wanted To Play Barefoot

This is one major lie that football organization influenced us to have faith in. At the season of the 1950’s FIFA World Cup, Football was one of the best games played in the nation. In spite of its ubiquity, India just got chose for the World Cup since 4 different groups pulled out. The course to Brazil was long and expensive and AIFF did not have time and cash to spend on a group, which was not going to win anything as we were put in a gathering with preferences of Italy.

To stay away from shame the organization faulted the issue for FIFA not tolerating players playing shoeless and was maintained by media around then and the lie proceeded.

#4 Varanasi (Benaras) Is The World’s Oldest Inhabited City In The World

Varanasi is viewed as the most seasoned occupied city of the world. All things considered, it’s most certainly not! It is ‘one of the numerous most seasoned occupied urban areas’ and there are 30 different urban areas that existed path before Varanasi in 1100 BC

#5 Milkha Singh Looked Back During The 400m Race At The 1960 Rome Olympics

Many trust that our Flying Sikh thought back amid the 400m race at the 1960 Rome Olympics yet in all actuality he wasn’t notwithstanding driving in a similar race, not to mention him thinking back. He was fifth in line and with extraordinary exertion, anchored fourth position.

#6 Hindi Is The National Language Of India

Likely the most proliferated lie in our nation. It is simply an official dialect. Hindi is known as RajBhasha, yet not Rashtra Bhasha (Raj =official, Rashtra = National).

There are around 18 official dialects in the nation, including Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English, and so on. The legislature will keep on advancing the dialect, however all states are allowed to have their very own official dialects.

#7 Ayodhya has existed since the magical age of the Ramayan

The cutting edge town of Ayodhya was set up by King Vikramaditya and didn’t exist amid the day and age of the Ramayan. It was set up with the expect to reproduce its spiritualist. Indeed, there is another town in Thailand by the name of Ayutthaya which holds a comparative story to that of the folklore.

#8 India Has Been Officially Secular Since 1947

The first Indian Constitution never had the term ‘common’. It was just a correction made in 1976 under which the word ‘mainstream’ was incorporated into the Preamble and different areas. Conversely, the Supreme Court has dependably maintained the case that India has been common since 1947.

#9 Subhash Chandra Bose passed on in a plane accident

The Mukherjee report of 1999 proposes that Bose didn’t bite the dust in an air crash in 1945. Despite the fact that the court dismissed this report, there is no record of a plane accident at the time Bose was accepted to fly. Add to that, no DNA examination was done on the cinders that are said to be Bose’s to demonstrate something else.

#10 Indian Railways Has The World’s Largest Employee Base

For a considerable length of time, Indians have trusted that the Indian Railways is the biggest business of labor on the planet. This is an undeniable lie in light of the fact that there are associations like the US Department of Defense, People’s Liberation Army of China, Wal-Mart, and numerous others that beat Indian Railways to the highest priority on this rundown. It would appear that, at long last IRCTC itself is on a holding up rundown.

#11 UNESCO Declares Indian National Anthem Best In The World

The email and web based life posts about UNESCO choosing the Indian National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana as the best on the planet is totally unjustifiable. This really wound up enormous news in 2014 tricking a significant number of Indians. All things considered, this was clearly a fabrication which will undoubtedly go down in the history books.

#12 “tit for tat would leave the entire world visually impaired” – Mahatma Gandhi.

On the off chance that, similar to us, you likewise suspected that this well known expression has a place with the Mahatma Gandhi’s broad extravagant jokes, at that point you’re so mixed up. In opposition to mainstream thinking, these words were really said by Ben Kingsley in the motion picture Gandhi. There’s no proof in Gandhi’s written history of him saying this announcement.

#13 Qutub Minar Is An Islamic Architecture

It was said in the history that Qutub Minar was worked out of appreciation for Qutb-ud-Din-Aibak who kicked the bucket in a polo coordinate. In any case, the genuine article is, it was constructed 2000 years previously mughals altered it. It was known as the “vishnu Nabhi” or “Dhruv stambh.”