13 Popular Hollywood Films That Were Copied From Other Movies You Haven’t Seen

13 Popular Hollywood Films That Were Copied From Other Movies You Haven’t Seen

It is said that Bollywood often copies many things , from music to film posters all are in the list of so called inspiration . But this is not restricted to Bollywood only , it’s has a connection to Hollywood too.

Yeah… you heard it right . Today, we have brought a list of those movies which Hollywood copied.

Checkout below:

1. The Magnificient Seven – Seven Samurai


Japanese masterpiece Seven Samurai was made by the genius Akira Kurosawa. Hollywood copied it and made The Magnificient Seven, which turned out to be a classic movie of Hollywood. Compared to the original, the Hollywood version scores a hit because of all the theatricality and a big budget.

2. Star Wars – The Hidden Fortress


It was admitted by Geoge Lucas that he copied the concept of the movie Hidden Fortress. The difference was that he gave it a fictional angle instead of making a western classic out of it. This way Star Wars was born! Like the other Kurosawa movies, the original is a story based on poor peasants who are fighting an evil feudal lord.Lucas replaced the evil lord with Lord Vader and the poor peasant with Luke and we had Star Wars.

3. ET – The Alien


Many are aware that Satyajit Ray wrote ET- The Alien but he never made the movie due to high budget but Stephen Speilberg lifted off ET from him and denied ever knowing Ray, much less knowing his script of The Alien. The script says that an alien befriends a kid in a small town and starts an adventure.

4. The Hunger Games – Battle Royale


Again a Japanese movie ripped off. Anyone who has seen Battle Royale can see ts obvious similarities with The Hunger Games. In both the movies, untrained teenagers are put in a situation where they have to kill each other to survive and the whole situation is choreographed by the main villain who can control the outcome. The only difference is that The Hunger Games went for the dystopian backstory so that it would not look like a glaring copy of the original Japanese movie.

5. Home Alone – Game Over


The blockbuster movie with the comic genre is Home Alone . How a child is left by mistake and the way he did all the fun stuff and handle thieves is just worth watching. But this concept was copied from a French movie Game Over that became a cult hit.The only difference is that Game Over was a violent movie in the respect that there was no funny angle inside it. Just one year after it became a hit Hollywood decided to make a funny and toned down version of Game Over.

6. The Lion King – Kimba The White Lion


While everyone thinks that The Lion King is an animated adaptation of the Shakespeare classic Hamlet, it heavily copied its visual scenes from the Japanese cartoon series Kimba The White Lion. There are glaring ripoffs from the original that just cannot be mere coincidence. The makers of The Lion King just denied that they copied from the Japanese cartoon.

7. Reservoir Dogs – Lung fu fong wan (City on Fire)


The maker of the movie Reservoir Dogs ,Quentin Tarantino is admired for his original screenplays but this movie is highly inspired from the Chinese movie City on Fire. The star of the original movie is Chow Yun Fat – an actor most movie buffs can recognize. The Mexican standoff, the iconic scene at the start where the heroes are walking towards the camera in their crisp suits is also lifted. The movie is so heavily influenced that it influenced another short film named Who Do You Think You’re Fooling? which compared the similar scenes from both the movies.

8. Inception – the Dream Of A Lifetime and Paprika


While we associate Christopher Nolan for producing innovative and original themes in his movies, he admitted to have been inspired by the Japanese movie Paprika. Both the movies used dreams as a way into breaking into people’s minds. And if the obvious was not enough, a Donald Duck cartoon named The Dream of A Lifetime showed Donald inside Scrooge’s dream trying to know the secret of his money bin – that’s exactly what Cobb tries to do in Inception – corporate espionage.

9. Finding Nemo – Pierrot Le Poisson Clown


A French author Franck Le Calvez created an animated children’s book :Pierrot Le Poisson Clown in the year 1995.He got it printed in the year 2000 and Finding Nemo went into production before that. Although it is denied by the makers that they have copied the content.

10. The Matrix – Doctor Who, Ghost In The Shell


The Wachowski Brothers literally walked into the WB studio with a copy of Ghost In The Shell and said that they wanted to make a movie just like it. In the end, The Matrix had a rich backstory but they still took a lot of themes from Ghost in the Shell. In addition to the anime, it seems they got the name of the movie from the Doctor Who episode where the doctor gets trapped in a computer program named the Matrix.

11. Alien – The Planet Of Vampires


While the production design was very original, the plot is directly lifted off an Italian movie The Planet Of Vampires. In the Italian movie too, a spacecraft crashes on a strange planet and the planet’s inhabitants are dangerous and hunt the humans in the same way Aliens do. But the artwork and monster design were so original in Alien that no one would even dare say that it was a knock off.

12. Black Swan – Perfect Blue


With just a replacement of ballet dancer with a pop star , you get the Japanese anime Perfect blue. In the original one, the protagonist becomes paranoid after unreal incidents in her life and starts questioning her sanity. Not just the visuals and themes, apparently the names of both the protagonists is very similar – Mima and Nina.

13. Pacific Rim – Neon Genesis Evangelion


In the story of Neon Genesis Evangelion , the lead controls a huge robot fistfights alien monsters using his mind . Also, he starts to blossom a relationship with his co-pilot who is a quiet and withdrawn girl.Same is shown in the Pacific Rim and it is definitely a lifted one.


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