13-year-old Indian kid own software development company in Dubai

13-year-old Indian kid own software development company in Dubai

Can you imagine a 13 year boy can be a owner of software development company . Dont make guffaw. Its true  es Aadithyan Rajesh, a 13-year-old Indian kid in Dubai,  who built up his first portable application four years back, additionally he owns his own company of Software , a media report said on Sunday.

Aadithiyan Rajesh took birth in Kerela, he brought up and his schooling from Kerala. he was just only nine years old when he started his first application in moble as a hobby to beat boredom and he has been designing the logos as well as websites for the clients.

Aadithyan Rajesh, a tech wizard who began utilizing a PC when he was just five years old, has launched his very own company ‘Trinet Solutions’ at 13 years old, the Khaleej Times reported.(Facebook)

“I was conceived in Thiruvilla, Kerala, and my family moved here when I was five. The principal site my father demonstrated me was BBC Typing, a site for children where youthful understudies can get how to learn the typing,” he told the Dubai-based English every day.

Trinet has an aggregate of three workers, who are companions and student from Aadithyan’s school.

“I should be of 18 years old really turn into a set up own company. Be that as it may, we work like an organization. We have worked with more than 12 customers, and have given them our structure and coding administrations totally for nothing,” he said.