14 Interesting Things that You Do Not See Every Day

14 Interesting Things that You Do Not See Every Day

Very interesting things that you do not see every day.

1. The inside of a tire looks like this.

2. A social media user said, “I put my hand full of disinfectant on a paper and it is perfectly printed”.

3. “I just moved my parents’ old piano after 8 years without being moved. Here one of the legs rested,” a Facebook user said.

4. Before the bronze oxidised and turned green, this was the original color of the Statue of Liberty.

5. This happens with some turtles that go into bruising, a state similar to hibernation.

6. Inside of a firework.

7. “For some reason, this campfire looks purple in the camera of my phone,” a Twitter user said.

8. Lawn frozen in winter.

9. A ladybird covered in morning dew.

10. This cloud has a rainbow above it. This phenomenon is caused by small ice crystals in the clouds that make this effect.

11. Crabs can adopt any object as a shell, even a transparent one.

12. Surface of a leaf under an electron microscope.

13. This is how a keyboard appears alphabetically.

14. This is the order in which the tomatoes are taking color.