14 Worst Sequels of Bollywood Films That Should not Have Been Made

14 Worst Sequels of Bollywood Films That Should not Have Been Made

Movie sequels and prequels are becoming more common than ever. At their best, sequels are a win for both the studios that produce them and the audiences who get to enjoy yet another installment of a familiar story. But it’s not just good or successful movies that get sequels. Some bad sequels are even made for movies that weren’t especially well received in the first place.

Not all movies are created equal, however, and some sequels leave moviegoers wishing these sequels had never been made.

1- Hathyar (2002)

With so many lovers of Sajay Dutt’s Vaastav, the sequel was the biggest heart attack for the fans of the actor. It did not appeal to anyone. What an amazing movie Vaastav was. And what an equally disappointing movie this was!

2- Golmaal Returns (2008)

Golmaal was funny in every way. Even the climax was shot in a funny way. However, Golmaal Returns wasn’t as funny as its predecessor. The humour was forced and it was really difficult to laugh at those jokes. Also, the movie stereotyped women in various ways. The only hilarious moment in this movie was when the lead actors masquerade as women.

3- Bheja Fry 2 (2011)

Bheja Fry made Vinay Pathak an overnight star! When it’s sequel was announced, everyone was certain it would scale the same heights. But sadly, it was panned by everyone. This sequel wasn’t entirely bad. However, the movie could have been better. Although, the movie makers made an effort at making this movie funny, they weren’t totally successful. It can be watched once.

4- Double Dhamaal (2012)

Dhamaal was a rare gem. It is loved by almost everyone. Double Dhamaal? It turned out to be a disaster. It was a movie filled with crass jokes and made no sense at all. Even the original actors playing the old characters could not retain the charm of the original movie.

5- Murder 3 (2013)

This movie was released in the year 2013. The director of this movie is Vishesh Bhatt. This film did not do well at the box office. No one really understands why the makers of this film decided to make the third part of the film ‘Murder’. The second part was also not good. The third part was even worse. The script was poor and there were many laughable loopholes. It really ruined the image of the original film ‘ Murder.’

6- Krrish 3 (2013)

Despite loads of money Krrish 3 made, the original Koi Mil Gaya was far better than the sequel. The sequel was nothing but a lame efforts to squeeze the original Hollywood story to make a shabby motion picture. Koi Mil Gaya was judiciously made move with the Extraterrestrial element fitting into the right bill. However, Krrish 3 proved out to be a hotchpotch movie, which simply replicates from a number of sources, which makes the film simply haywire with a very feeble climax.

7- Satya 2 (2013)

Satya is regarded as one of the best movies of all time! And to ruin it with such a pathetic sequel is criminal! Way to go, Verma ji!

JD Chakravarty and Manoj Bajpai’s gangster drama worked really well in Satya, mainly because of their acting and also because of Ram Gopal Varma’s direction, but the same was not true for the sequel. In the past few years RGV has been losing the plot of the films a lot and has been going into a lot of experimentation, which audiences are not liking at all. That was one reason why the film bombed at the box office. Puneet Singh Ratn did well in the film, but his lean physique and long hair could not create that much fear among the audiences like that of Bhiku Matre and Satya.

8- Jism 2 (2013)

The Bhatts may be popular for copy Korean or Hollywood movies while making their films, but this doesn’t mean that they are bad filmmakers. The fact is, they have made some cool movies as well and Jism is one of them. However, the sequel was nothing but a big blunder wherein you had Sunny Leone in one of the most bold avatars, however, it simply lacked the story, which can make it a good movie. The original one had John Abraham and Bipasa Basu who did a cool job in the movie making it worthy to watch, which was missing in the sequel.

9- Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara! (2013)

After the amazing part one of the underworld story, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara was a roaring disappointment and subsequently tanked at the box office. Akshay Kumar’s attempt at being the don of Mumbai proved futile as he was unable to create the same magic that Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi had done in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Also Imran Khan and Sonakshi Sinha’s presence did not do much help to the film’s story line. It was the story line of the first installment that had intrigued the audiences a lot. 

The second installment moved away from being a gangster drama and turned out to be more of a love triangle, which ruined almost all of the goodwill for the franchise.

10- Welcome Back (2015)

I feel sad that they did this. Welcome was one of the most hilarious films produced and ranked in some of the most favourite films of all time. Welcome Back was a cheap, crass continuation of Welcome which was bound to fail at the box office.

11- Hate Story 3 (2015)

I don’t think anyone asked for Hate Story to be turned into a franchise! The first film was bad already and there wasn’t any need for terrible films being sold only for sex.

Hate Story 3 ! Wow. The Hate Story movie series have gained attention only because of the steamy scenes and skin show. The story has been non-existent in the earlier 2 movies and the acting was also unbearable. The third instalment has Sharman Joshi, Daisy Shah, Zarine Khan and Karan Singh Grover. The movie was just like its predecessors – bad.

12- Rock On 2 (2016)

Magic did not repeat its success at the box office like the first one. I don’t think anyone dislikes Rock On. Unfortunately, that can’t be said about Rock On 2. Like many other films on this list, this one too didn’t go down well with the audiences and they wished the movie hadn’t spoiled the legacy of the original film.

13- Great Grand Masti (2016)

The third installment finally failed with its overt sleaze feast. A series that started out as a sleazy sex comedy turned weirder with each installment. Great Grand Masti is about a ghost who wants sex. It doesn’t get weirder than that. The movie bombed terribly at the box office and was rejected by the audiences.

14- Sarkar 3 (2017)

The final film of Ram Gopal Verma’s Sarkar franchise was not just a flop but a disaster at the Bollywood box office when it released in 2017. There was a lot of expectation from the movie because of the talented star cast, but when this movie came, it really disappointed its audiences. Although Amitabh Bachchan was good as always, the script was weak.  The third part did not have the same level as the other two parts had.  Some of the scenes were very funny and pointless. It could have been made good and interesting but then maybe it’s just tough to make a sequel which is as good as the original film.


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