14 WTF Scenes in Indian TV Serials Proves Their Makers Were Seriously Consuming Cheap Drugs

14 WTF Scenes in Indian TV Serials Proves Their Makers Were Seriously Consuming Cheap Drugs

Television does a lot of things. It makes us laugh, cry, and provokes arguments when you move ahead in a season before your watching partner catches up. But sometimes, TV surprises us. Or even shocks us. A number of television shows delivered a handful of moments that stunned audiences and made eyeballs come close to popping out of people’s heads.

Here are some WTF TV moments from Indian shows. We still can’t believe they actually happened.

1- A shape-shifting lizard named Lavanya assuming her reptile form to marry Divya’s fiance in Divya Drishti.

2- Rahul in Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum turning into a tiger on his honeymoon. (He is a shape-shifting tiger who turns into the animal on certain nights of the year).

3- People dying and coming back to life was still okay, but when Sasural Simar Ka made Simar turn into a fly, people went bonkers.

4- Two naags French-kissing in the only way they know how to (and are capable of).

5- Next level Jugaad: A doctor using ‘scotch brite’ scrubbers as a defibrillator to revive a patient fighting for life.

6- Bored of regular love stories? Thapki Pyar Ki showed a love triangle between a woman, a man, and a GORILLA! Beauty, Beast, and King Kong?

7-  A woman tripping into a suitcase and traveling across the world because no one knew she was inside, no machine could tell it’s a human not a set of clothes and usko hosh nahin aaya bhai.

8- Can’t get over Gopi Bahu washing laptop with soap and water!

9- Most dramatic slap scene ever! Mata Ji slaps Pari so hard that she keeps spinning and ends up hanging herself with the curtains.

10- These masks and shields couldn’t stop them from romancing each other. Love in the time of corona.

11- And women dressing up like mermaids, or, is that a snake-woman?

12- The supernatural kaali-shakti show, Kawach, had a lot of women screaming at the top of their lungs.

13- Shape-shifting snake woman turning into a naagin in her mandap.

14- When this happened in the middle of what I am assuming is a highway in Mumbai. 

These shows have not only defied physics, biology, chemistry but everything even logic. We’re sure Google has given up too.


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