15 Bollywood Actors Who’ve Aged Like Fine Wine

15 Bollywood Actors Who’ve Aged Like Fine Wine

With regards to age matter, we’re all similarly terrified. Truth be told, we’re petrified to the point that there’s an excess of creams that guarantee to dispose of crow’s feet in a night. Furthermore, flawlessness eager as we seem to be, we right away become tied up with all the false guarantees that guarantee us the porcelain flawlessness. A little white hair is sufficient to terrified  us that we are entering into a fit about developing old.

While most Bollywood on-screen characters remain fit since they’re required to, there are some who simply grasp maturing in the most delightful  way that is available.

They adjust and change with the  continually advancing style, and Bollywood is loaded with such motivating precedents. While a few men their age are caught up with romancing female actors a large portion of their age, these men have moved past that. They have re-developed themselves and how! All things considered, isn’t age only a number?

1. Anil Kapoor

From Mr. India and moving to Mera naam hain Lakhan to featuring in 24, Anil Kapoor has progressed significantly. While we as a whole ridiculed his furry chest, he gave us a symbol that we can’t take our eyes off of.

With a sharp suit, a hair style that gave more youthful men significant complex, Anil Kapoor knows precisely what suits him the best.

2. Suniel Shetty

Except if you’ve been living under a stone, which is under a submarine, which is under a ship, which is on a faraway island with no human nearness, it’s inconceivable you haven’t seen Suniel Shetty’s most recent photographs. The man re-imagined himself and stunned all of us.

This man has raised the stakes of maturing smoothly without a doubt.

3. Jackie Shroff

On the off chance that you’ve worshiped Jackie Dada as much as I have, you’d realize that King Uncle is one of his best motion pictures (in any event for me). Yet, look how far he’s come. In spite of the fact that age has inflicted significant damage all over, his identity still remains steadfast with no conceivable contender sooner rather than later.

There ain’t nobody who can give any kind of rivalry to Jackie dada’s style and swag. Not by any means his child.

4. Milind Soman

Do I by any chance need to compose anything for this man? Made In India se lekar Iron Man tak, this man has increased present expectations for each individual alive at this moment. In the event that there was a honor for maturing admirably, Milind Soman would have been an unmistakable champ.

Truly, who resembles this at 51? For the wellbeing of God!

5. Akshay Kumar

Khiladi No. 1 influenced us to go whoa when he landed gracious so-superbly in the wake of bouncing off 60 feet tall structures. What’s more, it made our hearts skirt a beat. 30 years on, and our man is as yet hopping off structures and making our hearts race quick.

Be that as it may, now he likewise has his uber cool identity and his salt and pepper whiskers to set our hearts excited.

6. Rahul Khanna

While he didn’t complete a great deal of Bollywood films, his job in each and every motion picture has been crucial. You presumably last observed him in Wake Up Sid, and he was similarly as enchanting as ever. Honestly, he is by all accounts showing signs of improvement with age.

7. Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi separate himself from the earliest starting point of his profession. His identity, his voice, his facial hair, every little thing about him shouts class. Also, it hasn’t transformed one piece. He’s still every piece youthful, dashing and tasteful.

Regardless of how old he might be, he generally looks exquisite and sleek.

8. Rajat Kapoor

Additionally a chief and a theater individual, Rajat Kapoor’s selection of movies has been totally flawless. Last observed in Kapoor and Sons, he has certainly grasped maturing in the most smooth way.

A three-time National Award champ, his work says a lot about his identity and we can’t have enough of either. Not yet.

9. Saif Ali Khan

When we initially observed him moving to Ole, it was all consuming, instant adoration with this beguiling child of a Pataudi. In any case, from a chocolate kid and darling to doing characters with significant negative shades, Saif Ali Khan’s change on reel has been stupendous, most definitely.

What’s more, in case we’re to discuss his identity off-screen, it’s protected to state that he has typified his Pataudi-ness with a great deal of effortlessness and straightforwardness.

10. Aamir Khan

Indeed, even before he positively influenced Bollywood and called it his region, Aamir Khan was administering our hearts when we previously observed him on Yaadon Ki Baarat.

With Dangal, he demonstrated that he probably won’t be as youthful as he used to be, however with regards to work, he can change into anything that the content requests of him.

11. Ronit Roy

His presentation film was a business achievement, his second and third not really. Yet, soon, with Balaji Telefilms backing him up, he turned into a typical commonly recognized name. On account of serials, Ronit Roy was re-found.

From that point forward, there has been no halting this smooth man. From Udaan to Ugly, Ronit Roy has been making us mindful of his abilities. What’s more, in the event that anybody has matured like a manager, it’s certainly him.

12. R. Madhavan

Who would’ve felt that the chocolate kid who once charmed us with his overwhelming appeal, would one day be this image of class and carefree?

From his innocent appeal to his present macho self, if anything hasn’t changed about Maddy it would be his stunning grin. Somewhat more seasoned, yet at the same time the equivalent.

13. Arjun Rampal

India’s supermodel, Arjun Rampal has dependably been a heartthrob, and the maturing procedure hasn’t changed that a bit. From Deewaanapan to Dil Ka Rishta, from Rock On to Rock On 2, this man has just shown signs of improvement.

He has played such a large number of characters, with such a significant number of various personas and we can’t have enough of him.

14. Rahul Bose

Rahul Bose is somebody who declines to age. He looks precisely what he looked like in the start of his movie vocation.

Aside from the salt in his facial hair, this man hints at no maturing. Not while he’s acting and certainly not in his reality. Playing rugby beyond any doubt satisfies!

15. Jimmy Sheirgill

Yes, that is him in Maachis. Would you be able to trust it? That is the manner by which dorky he looked when he landed in Bollywood. In the event that there’s any individual who has turned their vocations towards progress, it’s Jimmy Sheirgill.

From acting in motion pictures like Dil Hai Tumhara to assuming jobs like Raja Awasthi in Tanu Weds Manu, this man has certainly made considerable progress. What’s more, we’re very inspired by his development chart.

Like fine wine, these noble men have matured splendidly well.


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