15 Bollywood Movies That Were Successful in India but Got banned in Foreign Countries

15 Bollywood Movies That Were Successful in India but Got banned in Foreign Countries

Bollywood has a huge following in overseas markets as well. With the increasing number of multiplex screens all over the world and the ever growing popularity of Indian cinema abroad, Bollywood enjoys a huge popularity and in some countries, it’s even popular than Hollywood Movies.

Whether because of over-the-top sexual situations, graphic violence, or just a concept that pushes conservative boundaries, some films are so controversial they get national governments to step in and put the kibosh on ever screening them. Sometimes it makes sense; sometimes it sound ridiculous.

These are those Bollywood movies that were released in India but banned abroad:

1- Oh My God

The film starring Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar in the lead courted controversies upon its release and was banned in many middle-eastern countries for hurting the religious sentiments. UAE famously banned the film.

2- The Dirty Picture

The film starring Vidya Balan, Tusshar Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi and Naseeruddin Shah in the lead was banned in Kuwait. The film that was based on South sex-siren Silk Smitha’s life was found to be too bold  for Kuwaiti audiences.

3- Delhi Belly

Excessive swearing and a number of other issues led to the film being banned in Nepal. The country had also banned Akshay Kumar’s Chandni Chowk To China earlier for hurting the sentiments of Nepalese community.

4- Bombay

The Mani Ratnam directorial was a highly controversial film on its release and many violent incidents took place at the time of the release of the film. The film was banned in Singapore for igniting the religious tensions.

5- Fiza

The film controversies in many places and was banned in Malaysia as the government banned the film stating a Muslim cannot be a terrorist. 

6- Padman

The Akshay Kumar film inspired by a true story about periods and sanitary napkins has been banned by Pakistan’s Federal Censor Board. One of the reasons cited was that they cannot import films that are against their culture and traditions.

7- Agent Vinod

The fact that Agent Vinod tanked without a trace in India is a different story but the Saif Ali Khan spy film didn’t even get to come out in Pakistan. The issue which Pakistan had with the movie was that Pakistani high commands and spies were shown supporting Taliban in setting off a nuclear bomb in Delhi. No wonder, a ban was always in the calling.

8- Baby

The Pakistani censor board banned this film because it believed that the movie portrayed Pakistan in a negative light and all Muslims as terrorists .

9- Tere Bin Laden

Tere Bin Laden was banned in Pakistan because it dealt with the controversial issue of slain Al-Qaeda head Osama Bin Laden and hit them where it hurts the most. The censor board in Pakistan felt that the movie could give extremists a false idea and could lead to riots and attacks, hence the movie was banned in Pakistan.

10- Phantom

The movie was banned in Pakistan. According to reports, the film was banned because JuD chief and Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed had found that he had been portrayed in a bad light.

11- Bangistan

The film was an attempted satire on the life of two suicide bombers and was found to be offensive to Pakistan.

12- Udta Punjab

The film was in a lot of controversy in India anyway. In Pakistan, it was reportedly banned on the basis of the use of excessive abusive language.

13- Neerja

The film revolving around the story of the hijack of the Pan Am Flight 73 at the Karachi airport in 1986, couldn’t get its theatrical release in Pakistan for allegedly showing the country in bad light.

14- Raanjhana

The movie which narrates the journey of one sided love of a Hindu boy in pursuit of a Muslim girl, could not impress the censor board in Pakistan. The movie worked well in India, but Pakistan had issues with the treatment of Sonam’s character (a Muslim) who falls in love with two Hindu guys and hence got the film to be banned all across Pakistan.

15- Dishoom

The Varun Dhawan and John Abraham starrer deals with “India’s top batsman going missing” during a match in the Middle East. A typical Bollywood buddy cop movie, the film has rubbed the Pakistani Censor Board in the wrong way for apparently showing the country in a poor.

And you thought our censor board is conservative!


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