15 Bollywood Songs That Became More Popular Than Their Flop Movies

15 Bollywood Songs That Became More Popular Than Their Flop Movies

So many factors go into making a memorable movie. The acting and plot are obviously hugely important, but the soundtrack also plays a pivotal role. There were films that completely failed and did not have many redeeming features if it hadn’t been for their soundtrack.

Here is a list of 15 films whose soundtrack was much superior to the film.

1- Saawariya (2007)

Nothing saved the slow paced film from becoming a box office flop. Let’s get this straight, I slept through this movie. The music though indeed clicked with the audiences and can still be found the playlists of many! Shaan’s ‘Jabse Tere Naina’ and ‘Saawariya’ in Shail Hada’s voice woke me up. And I went back to sleep again.

2- Raju Chacha (2000)

Though Raja Chacha managed to strike a chord with the kids, it surprisingly did not do well at the box office. But what stayed with us is the romantic number ‘Tune Mujhe Pehchana Nahin’ or the title song ‘Raju Chacha’.

3- Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (2007)

The glamorous star-cast was not quite enough to make this movie a hit. But it was easily one of the biggest musical hits of 2007. Be it peppy numbers like ‘Jhoom Barabar’, and ‘Ticket To Hollywood’ or the cutesy ‘Bol Na Halke Halke’, this album was certainly a bigger success than the film itself.

4- Roy (2015)

Just another flop of Ranbir Kapoor in 2015, the film failed to draw audiences with such sullen face of Ranbir that we saw in the trailer and songs. But the songs like ‘Chitiyan Kalaiyan’, ‘Sooraj Dooba Hai’ and ‘Tu Hai Ki nahi’ were super hits! This film even won the Filmfare Award For Best Music that year.

5- Yaadein (2001)

An outright critical and commercial failure, Yaadein was another film that had a soundtrack that surprised everyone. Anu Malik’s music direction created songs like ‘Yaadien’, ‘Eli Re Eli’ and ‘Jab Dil Mile’ that we all listened to again and again.

6- Lamhe (1991)

Lamhe has some amazing songs like ‘Kabhi Main Kahoon’ and ‘Chudiyan Khanak Gayeen’, but the content of the film was considered too bold and it was a flop when released, even though now it is a cult classic.

7- Aashiq Banaya Aapne (2005)

This music album is a sure shot guilty pleasure not many of us will openly admit to. This Bollywood musical hit was released at a time when all of Himesh Reshammiya’s music seemed to be reaching the sky (quite literally). If you ask about the movie now, no one would remember the plot. 

8- The Train (2007)

Most Emraan Hashmi films from the first half of his career had memorable soundtracks, even if they were let down by a mediocre script. The Train was one such.

9- Yuvvraaj (2008)

Yuvvraaj may have boasted of indisputable stars, but the movie utterly failed the audiences. This Subhash Ghai disaster, however, brought us songs like ‘Tu Meri Dost Hai’ and ‘Tu Muskura’ which were undeniably beautiful in every frame.

10- Hamari Adhuri Kahaani (2015)

Mohit Suri made another musical movie Hamari Adhuri Kahaani starring Emraan and Vidya. The movie got mixed reviews but the songs like ‘Hasee ban gaye’ ‘Humnava’ and ‘Title Track’ remain all-time favorite.

11- Yaariyan (2014)

Divya Khosla‘s directorial debut did not sit well with the new age, despite being a coming-of-age romantic film. But, one could always expect some good music from a T-series production. And the movie didn’t fail us, giving some spectacular numbers with ‘Baarish’ and ‘Sunny Sunny’.

12- Dilwale (2015)

While it grossed millions around the world, Dilwale also grossed out a world of fans out there that were expecting a story to live up to the epic DDLJ . And were disappointed beyond words. But Dilwale did bring us epic music. It hasn’t been very long since its release, but I don’t reckon ‘Gerua’, ‘Janam Janam’ or ‘Dayree’ are going to be forgotten any time soon.

13- Fitoor (2016)

The only few things that made this movie sell some tickets were Tabu’s acting, picturesque frames and some good music. Songs including the ‘title track’ and ‘Pashmina’ were a listener’s delight.

14- Raabta (2017)

Even though the tried and tested formula of reincarnation failed here, the filmmakers were careful enough to keep the songs peppy and relatable. Be it the revamped ‘Boyfriend Girlfriend’ or the romantic number ‘Ik Vaari Aa’ or the already tested ‘Raabta’, people fell in love with the songs for sure

15- Anwar (2007)

‘Tose Naina Lage’ and ‘Maula Mere Maula’ were easily two of the most popular songs for a long time, if you all remember 2007. And they came to us from the forgotten film Anwar, which certainly did not win the people over like its music did.


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