15 Double Meaning Bollywood Dialogues Never say to your Girlfriend!

15 Double Meaning Bollywood Dialogues Never say to your Girlfriend!

Truly Bollywood is being enjoyed for its discoursed from   the 80s motion pictures till now every one of the exchanges satisfies the watchers. In any case,   on numerous occasions Bollywood devotee us with some multifaceted nuance content.

Bollywood dependably sends a rousing message through its films. Moreover, it never neglects to engage us. To close, Bollywood is multiplying itself everywhere throughout the globe. Without a doubt those melodies and catch names of the motion pictures draw in the consideration of watchers everywhere throughout the world. Aside from it Bollywood likewise got a mischievous side where it gives us multifaceted nuance melodies, as “choli ke peeche kya hai”. In any case, this time we bring you 15 top two sided connotation exchanges that will ensure.

1. Jo Chahiye Uska Mazaa Raat Ko Hai

2. Holi Khelne Ka Shauk Hai Par Pichkari Me Dum Nahi

3. Report acchi hi Milegi

4. Kundan Ke Payjame Ka Naada

5. Soch Ke Hath Dukh Gya

6. Oopar Wale Ne Tumhe Bahut Kuch Diya Hai (Race 2)

7. Pachaas Kos Door Jab (Chashmebaddoor)


9. Tum Ladki Me Kya Dekhte Ho

10. Koi Three-Some, Koi Four-Some Or Main Hand-Some

The line from “kya super cool hain hum ” is seriously the most savages.

11. Dil To Center Me Hota Hai

Ranjhana is where you can see Dhanush’s acting at its prime additionally the motion picture got pleasant discoursed.

12. Langot Ka Pakka Ravi Kumar

“Yaar or koi naam utilize kar lete” however I do a great deal of things in bed.

13.Gun Ke Saath Goli Bhi Chahiye?

“Guddu ki Gun” as the title of the motion picture is delineating it is a comic drama and its based on double meaning

14. Ek Thi Rajesh Khanna Ki Hathi Mere Saathi

If you are looking for a Bollywood movie that packed to the grills with double meaning jokes then “grand masti” is the best you can have.

15. Sthan Hota Sabhi Ke Paas Hai

Most likely, “3 Idiots ” was one of the epic comic drama motion picture Bollywood had ever give us. And its double meaning dailogues was hilarious that titillates us the most. Furthermore, we can never get bore whenever we watch this movie .

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