15 Indian Baseless Rumors That Fooled Us So Easily

15 Indian Baseless Rumors That Fooled Us So Easily

The web is a fortune trove of data however you can’t take everything at face esteem since some of it may be concocted. Once in a while, stunning reports manifest on our newsfeeds and they place us in a craze. Afterward, we discover that the ‘news’ is only nonsense. Here are 15 such deceptions that have shown India a good time in the ongoing past:

1.Photo of Nathuram Godse shooting Gandhi

This photo was accepted to be clicked only minutes previously Nathuram Godse killed M.K. Gandhi. However, things being what they are, no photo exists of that day and the sum total of what we have are observer accounts. This image is a scene from a 1963 British motion picture called Nine Hours To Rama. The character playing Godse is German performing artist, Horst Buchholz.

2.Snake having three head

This photograph did the rounds via web-based networking media a couple of years prior, and the general population in the preview clicking photos influenced it to appear to be more real. In any case, this picture is only a result of Photoshop as the two additional heads were duplicate stuck. The general population in the casing were clicking photographs of a normal ruler cobra.

3.Lady give birth  11 babies

This photograph overwhelmed internet based life with an Indian mother accepted to have brought forth 11 babies. Be that as it may, there was no fact in those reports. It is really the photograph of the 11 babies who were conceived on 11/11/11 at the 21st Century Hospital and Test Tube Baby Center in Surat, Gujarat.

4.Mammoth skeleton uncovered

Media in India and Bangladesh flowed these pictures of goliath skeletons being uncovered in India. Be that as it may, the exceedingly frustrating truth is that these photographs were a piece of a picture control challenge held by worth1000.com.

5. Photograph of India from space amid Diwali

Everybody wildly shared this picture via web-based networking media trusting that it was a photo of India clicked by NASA amid Diwali. In any case, this was a scam as NASA affirmed that it was a picture gathered to demonstrate the adjustment in night light in India between 1992-2003. It was taken to contemplate the populace development in the nation.

6. Jana Gana Mana pronounced best song of praise by UNESCO

This message spread through email in 2008 and everybody was commending the way that the Indian national song of praise had been announced as the best hymn on the planet by UNESCO. Yet, truly no such thing occurred and UNESCO affirmed that the reports were false.

7. Python swallows alcoholic man in Kerala

Another photo that did the rounds via web-based networking media for a long while was of this python accepted to have gulped a flushed man in Kerala. In any case, a similar photograph was being partaken in Indonesia, China, Malaysia and even South Africa, and in every one of those spots the reports asserted that the snake had gulped a local. Actually it’s only a photograph of a python which is known to swallow its prey (for this situation, in all probability a deer or a goat) in the wake of murdering it.

8.Kurkure burn like plastic

Kurkure is an exceptionally well known nibble in India however its deals got destroyed when photographs of Kurkure consuming and liquefying like plastic began doing the rounds. In any case, the reality of the situation is that the tidbit is made of palatable fixings, for example, cornmeal and flavors, and isn’t unsafe. It softens on consuming on account of its starch content. The plastic-like substance is dried starch and, as affirmed by brand authorities, it is totally protected to devour.

9.Pepsi/Frooti containing HIV

This story broke on Whatsapp and Twitter with the Delhi Police evidently cautioning purchasers from drinking Pepsi or Frooti as the blood of one of the assembly line laborers who was HIV positive had inadvertently blended with a specific clump of the beverage. The message asserted that the story was accounted for by NDTV too. In any case, both Delhi Police and NDTV denied those reports. Truth be told, HIV can’t spread through ‘tainted’ nourishment.

10. Hanumanji’s gadha found

This photograph surprised India! Reports asserted that Hanumanji’s gadha (mace) had been unearthed in Sri Lanka. Different reports guaranteed that it had been found in Gujarat. Be that as it may, the photograph is really of a 45-foot Gadha being introduced on a 125-foot high Hanumanji statue in Indore on the event of Hanuman Jayanti on 25 April, 2013.

11. Swiss Bank proclamation to India

This was accepted to be a released Swiss Bank archive and it did the rounds on the Internet for a long while. Be that as it may, after looking into it further, there are such a significant number of blunders on the report that unfortunately anybody trusted it. First of all, the Swiss Bank works in USD, Euro and GBP, not INR. The phone code made reference to is 0044 which is in the UK while the code for Switzerland is 0041. The bank supervisor has marked on the correct side of the archive yet on the off chance that you pursue the European framework, the mark is dependably at the base left. Photoshopped work, this!

12 Assam Rape Festival

There is no such thing as an assault celebration in Assam! An American site called natoinalreport.net – which professes to be the US’ most free news site – distributed an article titled the ‘Assam Rape Festival Begins This Week’. The report which was obviously targetting the rising number of rapes on ladies in India was gotten by numerous different news gateways and gatherings.

13. Strange tree in Nalgonda

Photographs began coursing of a tree in the Nalgonda timberland in Andhra Pradesh with strange carvings of creatures like crocodiles, monkeys, snakes and insects. Reports recommended this was a Baobab tree which has the biggest trunk on the planet. However, in all actuality there is no such tree in Nalgonda. This picture is of a fine art called the Tree Of Life in Disneyland.

14. Honey Singh Died

Yo Honey Singh was one of the casualties of the big name demise lie with a photograph of the rapper lying in a healing center bed doing the rounds. In any case, the photograph was from his music video ‘Bring Me Back’ and a message was before long conveyed from his Twitter handle that Yo was sheltered and sound.

15. Arbitrary Whatsapp messages

Every one of us have gotten (and still keep on accepting) these messages that case we ought to quickly forward the message to X number of individuals or we will get charged for Whatsapp. Be that as it may, in all actuality these messages are all fabrications.

There are likewise FB posts requesting ‘offers’ and ‘likes’ to create cash to encourage a withering man/lady/child.


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