15 Indian Celebrities Who Found Love Across The Border In Pakistan

15 Indian Celebrities Who Found Love Across The Border In Pakistan

Someone has rightly said, “Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever.”

The heart wants what the heart wants and you can’t do much about it. Be it across the border or behind the bars, love finds its way.Same is the case with these 13 couples who found love in a country that has shared a history of love-hate relationship for over 6 decades one. Here is a list of Indian celebrities who fell in love with Pakistanis.

1. Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

This is probably the most remarkable couple India-Pakistan has seen. The Pakistani Cricketer and Indian Tennis Ace are perhaps one of the most high-profile couples in Pakistan right now. The two got married in 2010 and their relationship is stronger than ever.

2. Amrita Rao and Farhan Saeed

The two met in 2008 and instantly sparks flew. The Bollywood star and the “Jal” vocalist were often seen together at public gatherings. We don’t know how and when the love story ended, but it did.

3. Reena Roy and Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan, the Pakistani Cricket legend married Bollywood actress Reena Roy in 1983. Reena quit Bollywood. Unfortunately, the marriage couldn’t last and the love birds separated. The two have a daughter together.

4. Vivek Narain and Sonia Jahan

The granddaughter of Nur Jahan is married to an Indian, Vivek. The two met in India in early 2000 and married following a few months of deliberations.

5. Vikram and Noor

Pakistani celebrity Noor married Vikram, a Dubai-based businessman, in 2004. They had been dating since 2000. Unfortunately, the two eventually fell out of love and have since parted ways.

6. Salman Khan and Somy Ali

Sallu Bhai has dated the who’s who of Bollywood. So it is quite surprising to find out he dated a Pakistani actress, Somy Ali, for 8 long years. The Pakistani actress who at the time was a newcomer to Bollywood had little success but she did find love in Salman Khan. Somy Ali has gone official with the fact that Salman Khan broke up with him for Aishwarya Rai.

7. Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram

After the death of Wasim Akram’s first wife, Wasim found comfort across the border in Sushmita Sen. The swing King from Pakistan didn’t find it hard to swing his way to Miss Universe Sushmita Sen’s heart. These two dated for a while before Akram moved on. He is now happily married to Sheniera Thompson.

8. Tamannah Bhatia and Abdul Razzaq

The South Indian actress Tamannah and Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq came into limelight when they worked together for a mobile commercial. Later they were seen together in inauguration of a Jewelry Store in Dubai.

9. Zeenat Aman and Imran Khan

Back in his day, Imran Khan had the looks and the charm to have every woman falling for him. One of those was, Bollywood legend Zeenat Aman, who he met during Pakistan’s tour to India in the 1980s and dated for a while.

10. Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik

It was rumored that during shooting for the TV show, Big Boss, Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel fell for each other. The two dated for a while before things ended. Veena has since married Asad Bashir and is a mother of two children.

11. Imtiaz Ali and Iman Ali

Iman Ali and Indian director Imtiaz Ali, who directed films like Rockstar, dated for a while a few years back. Things didn’t work out for the two love birds and they eventually split up.

12. Nonita Lal and Faisal Qureshi

They say either it is as fast as thunder or as slow as tortoise. The two golfers met during a tournament in Islamabad. A few months later the two were married. Love at first sight indeed. This one of the few romances between people from two neighbor countries that actually materialized into a real relationship. Sports is the key to our unity perhaps

13. Rita Luthra and Zaheer Abbas

The two met in England where Zaheer Abbas used to play county cricket. Rita Luthra later converted to Islam and changed her name to Samina. The couple has been happily married for over 20 years.

14. Sonali Bendre and Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib was madly in love with Sonali but Sonali did not have any such feelings for him. According to media he was so in love with her that he could even kidnap her. Later Sonali married Industrialist Goldy Behl and two years later Shoaib married a Pakistani girl.

15. Amrita Arora and Usman Afzal

Pakistan born Usman-an English cricketer and Bollywood beauty Amrita were in relationship for four years. Later they separated as they were not able to maintain long distance relationship. In 2009, Amrita married Shakeel Ladak