15 People That Had One Job And Failed

15 People That Had One Job And Failed

When people are hired for a certain job or are supposed to complete a specific task, even if it’s an everyday one, there are certain expectations that come with it. You know, like doing it right.  But some people are somehow able to prove that even the easiest, simplest, and most obvious job can be entirely messed up.

With some jobs, it’s okay to make a few mistakes and learn from them. But, with others, there’s no room for error. You’re given one job, and you better do it right the first time, otherwise, it could have some serious consequences. Or, if anything, it’ll make you look like a total idiot. Sadly, too often, people are given that one job and they fail horrendously.

Whether it’s not spelling something correctly or putting the wrong thing in the wrong spot, it’s baffling how many major mistakes people have made.

Ready to see some pathetic failures?

Here are 15 people who had one job and failed miserably.


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