15 Personal Pics Of Akshay Kumar’s Life Will Give You Some Inspiring Family Goals

15 Personal Pics Of Akshay Kumar’s Life Will Give You Some Inspiring Family Goals

One of the most flexible , disciplined and workaholic actor Akshay Kumar , is always in the good books of his fans and otherwise the audience too. As good as he is from outside , his nature also speaks for him as he is kind by heart.

If we talk about the married life, it’s been over 18 years , Akshay and Twinkle who is actor turned author , are a compatible couple .Both of them are doing a superb job in their professions . Their kids are equally charming and lovable . the athletic Aarav and adorable Nitara. Together, these four turn down no opportunity to give us family goals, and are the cutest family in showbiz .

Today , we are presenting you some of the adorable pictures , which you must see if you are Akshay’s fan.

Let’s have a look :

1. When the duo shared birthday messages for their son Aarav.

2. When Nitara ordered her daddy dearest to make a variety of faces: dancey, laughing, crying and many others.

3. When the khiladi and his wife walked hand-in-hand on their recent vacation to Provence.

4. When the mommy-daughter duo was caught up in the moment in London.

5. When Twinkle and her bestie Gayatri Oberoi taught their husbands to cook up stories and some pasta…

6. That soul-stirring photograph whose caption stole our heart…

7. When Twinkle got the opportunity to officially call her husband, a “trophy husband”.

8. When Nitara decided to be the most lovable death God ever! #CutCutCut

9. That afternoon when Aarav defeated his mom in a game of Scrabble.

10. When their darling Nitara chose to be the hammer-wielding Thor over a princess…

11. When Mrs Funnybones and the actor posted the most hatke anniversary wishes for each other. #RelationshipGoals

12. That day when Akshay turned into a crocodile to fulfil baby Nitara’s wish.

13. When the doting husband defied stereotypes and surprised Mrs Funnybones with a lunchbox at her workplace…

14. When the father-daughter duo made Lanka and the bridge to it with playing blocks.

15. When the big brother Aarav read a story to his little sister.

16. When the Nitara and Akshay indulged in this unmissable moment of joy…

17. When the proud father celebrated ‘SonDay’ as Aarav won the first-degree black belt in Kudo, Okinawa and Goju Ryu Karate Do.

18. When we saw the father-son jodi making soufflé and chocolate mousse for their dinner guests…

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