15 Questions Of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah which Should be Answered!

15 Questions Of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah which Should be Answered!

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is now no more an unfamiliar name to the Indian Television. It has become one of the most watched sitcoms of the modern era. The show aired its 2017th episode on 5th september 2016 and still it continues to entertain. This show is very popular with the old and youth alike.

At present when people are all stressed out because of their work and as a side effect of this competitive age. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah serves a dose of relief, gives a heart burst laughter and makes us forget our everyday worries. It’s different from other sitcoms for so many reasons; it uses clean comedy to entertain its viewers, it has well-developed characters and the show promotes goodwill and reflects the responsibilities we have as being an Indian.

It has been running successfully since October 2008 and the show has already crossed over 2000 episodes which is a big achievement for any Indian sitcom. But over the period of 7 years and more, the show has left us with so many unanswered questions.

So let’s take a look at the 15 unanswered questions (along with trolls) that every Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah fan wants an answer for.

1- Who exactly is Dayaben’s mother? Ever since the show started we always see a scene in any episode where Daya is speaking to her mom over the phone, but we never see the mother’s face. Someone call C.I.D. to solve the mystery!

2- Jethalal Gada is a synonym for bad luck. When will the stars change for him? Now that’s a question that no one can answer. If internet has Bad Luck Brian, we have our own Bad Luck Jetha.

3- If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in the time period of 7 years it’s the eternal demand of Natu Kaka to get a raise in his salary. Good days have come for the nation, but yet to come for Natu Kaka.

4- Is there anything that Bagha can’t fix or do? From repairing mobile phones to suggesting crazy ideas (which works great in some cases), Bagha never fails to amaze the audience.

They say you have 7 look-alike in the world. Maybe that’s why Baagha who is a mobile repairman in Jethalal’s shop was earlier seen as Tappu’s school teacher. That’s not all, he was also seen as a Taxi driver, an auto-ricksaw driver, and Rukmani Bai’s husband. This doppelgänger theory clearly explains the continuity errors.

5- Who are Pinku’s parents? Pinku has been an integral part of the Tapu Sena. Never missed an opportunity to participate in the wild adventures of Tapu Sena. But his background, family history remains a question mark.

6- When will Popatlal get married? Popatlal is undoubtedly the most desperate bachelor in the world. But he has nothing to worry, he’s got Rahul Gandhi and Salman Khan along with him in the search of a perfect bride.

7- When will Sundarlal stop making an ass out of Jethalal? Whenever you hear a taxi horn in the Gokuldham Society, it’s a warning sign for Jetha telling “Brace yourself SUNDARLAL is coming”.

8- What’s the purpose behind the heated chemistry between Jetha and Babita? What does Jetha want? We all know the answer, but it’s a family show right? I guess that proverb fits well to his situation “Ghar ki murgi dal barabar”.

9- Would there be an episode where Jetha is not scolded by his param pujiye bapuji Shri. Champaklal Jayantilal Gada, and is allowed to sleep tight, wake up late on a fine sunday. And has Champaklal taken up the responsibility of being a universal chacha?

10- How in the blue hell does a guy who looks like a cigarette factory worker gets a beautiful woman like Babita? Maybe because Iyer is a Scientist, maybe because it’s true love, maybe because Iyer has got a big…heart? What do you think guys? Indian television giving unrealistic expectations ever since the dawn of time.

11- Enter Jethalal’s house, you can see him sitting at the dinner table. His wife Daya brings him the delicious food from the kitchen. The way of kitchen is through his bedroom. Let’s go into his bedroom, one side there is the bathroom and on the other side there is a wall (look in the pic from another angle). So where the hell is his kitchen?

12- What is this, a bathroom or a door to Narnia? This is the Bathroom Paradox! You can see the same bathroom in different ways (1 & 3). Sometimes the bathroom is large, sometimes it’s small. What sorcery is this?

13- Anjali bhabhi always takes good care of you, feeds you green salad and all the nutritious food and drinks. You guys love each other, but still it has been 8 years and your family planning policy hasn’t progressed a bit. It’s time you pay the doc a visit.

14- Hypocrisy at its best. I mean seriously, you could have taken the rear gate to exit, or probably tried simpler ways like coming outside from the sides of the tempo. But no, you have to try stupid daredevil stunts because you’re Gokuldham vasi.

15- The biggest question in the history of Indian television has been answered! Tappu Ke Pappa ko troll kar diya!


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