16 Heartwarming Stories That Prove, There’s No Love Greater Than That Of A Parent

16 Heartwarming Stories That Prove, There’s No Love Greater Than That Of A Parent

Parents are the most precious gift of God for humans. Parents are the closest people that we have in our lives, whether we realize it or not. They love us not because we are smart, beautiful, successful or we have a good sense of humour, but just because we are their children. Everything else is fake, but parents are the most important people in our life. The term unconditional love is a wonderful way to think about a parent’s love for his/her child. It conjures up visions of limitless support, of advocacy, protection, absolute and beautiful love. 

Here are some stories to prove that parents love is the greatest of all:

This father made a gadget called ‘Frog’, to help his 2-YO child with Spina Bifida, creep around

A two-year-old’s dad made his child a gadget called ‘Frog’ so he could slither around and play like other children. Brody Moreland, from Missouri was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that occurs when a baby’s spine doesn’t form normally in the womb. Doctors discovered the condition 20 weeks into Ally Moreland’s pregnancy. ‘Frog’ supports his body with the help of large wheels placed near his hips. It tilts up and down so he has to carry some weight in his arms just like any other baby would when crawling. 

Fearless father dies attempting to save the life of his 3-YO child

Christopher Schultz, 31, was with his son at Dead Shot Bay when the toddler fell from a bridge into the water. Schultz jumped in and quickly began to struggle, but managed to lift his son out of the water long enough for a bystanders to help get the child to shore. Schultz never made it back to the surface. Divers found his body; he was pronounced dead at an area hospital. He saved his child, yet lost his life all the while.

Father makes a snow house for wheelchair bound daughter

A dad from the US state of Ohio build an igloo out of snow for his disabled daughter. With a wider and taller front porch than most home-built igloos would generally have, Gregg Eichhorn’s daughter Zahara was able to access it in her wheelchair. Gregg and his wife Katie have nine children in total: Eight adopted children with a ninth adoption pending. The igloo was built for 19-year-old Zahara, who is their oldest child. She is wheelchair-bound. ‘My buddy Gregg built this handicap-accessible snow fort for his daughter.’ read the caption of the pic shared by Gregg’s friend.

Father pushes goalkeeper son to save a goal

When an enthusiastic football fan saw his goalkeeper son experiencing a torrid time on the field, he decided to step in. The anonymous dad’s bid to save his son from embarrassment is now being hailed as ‘Father of the Year’. The video was shared online by Chris Wilkins who confirmed that man who pushed the goalie was his father. He said that he helped his son as he was ‘completely out of position’.

Mother elephant uproots transformer in Andhra, day after her calf dies of electrocution

It was an act of vengeance and anger that many would not only be moved by but would wholeheartedly forgive. A grieving elephant who watched her two-year-old calf electrocuted to death near Palamaner in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district, returned a day later to slay the villain who killed her baby – a transformer pole.  While the baby elephant died of electrocution, the distressed mother unsuccessfully attempted to pick up the carcass from the ground.

Mother narrates football matches to her blind son so that he doesn’t feel left out

Silvia Grecco, a football fan from Brazil has gained worldwide attention for narrating local soccer matches to her 12-year-old blind and autistic son. Grecco and her son Nickollas are ardent supporters of the Sao Paulo based team Palmeiras. The mother-son duo regularly watch matches from the stands, where Grecco narrates whatever happens on the pitch. As a result,Nickollas reacts just like the other fans at the right moments. The duo was spotted on camera last year, and since then they have become sort of celebrities.

Dad paints his nails in solidarity with bullied son

A Massachusetts father, Aaron Gouveia, delivered a powerful and inclusive message on Twitter after he says his 5-year-old son was bullied for wearing nail polish to school. Finally, after Gouveia saw his 10-year-old son paint his nails to support his younger brother, he followed suit with a pale lavender polish. In his tweet he wrote, “I know these kids are only in kindergarten, but this toxic masculinity bullshit is Learned. So, parents, I hope you’re proud. I hope this is what you wanted. I hope you’re satisfied.” Gouveia’s Twitter thread quickly went viral and many others parents came in support of him.

Hero dad risks life to shield 7 year old son who jumped off 8th floor balcony

The boy who lives on the eighth floor of an apartment block in a Chinese residential area, was left alone. He jumped off his apartment balcony assuming someone was trying to break in when he heard a sound. His mother took his sister to summer school. On her return she was left speechless seeing the little boy hanging by a metal bar from the eight floor. She quickly called her husband and called the local fire rescue service. But before authorities could arrive, the boy’s father reached. With no time to waste, the father climbed down to the eight floor and pulled his son up. 

 Dad with disabilities saves pocket change to buy daughter coffee

Jim suffers with severe brain damage, resulting in short-term memory loss and seizures. He has limited use of his arms and legs and is unable to work. Still, Jim has been determined to find ways to care for his 17-year-old daughter despite his disabilities.

Father learning maths to help his son

A father went out of his way to study his son’s syllabus. He said “they’re learning fractions so I’m just teaching myself this over again so I can help him,” as his son failed a math test.

Father saved money for 2 years to buy a dress for his daughter

MD. Kawsar Hossain, begs for a living. His love for his daughter has earned him immense respect from everyone. Ten years ago, he survived a major accident. Unfortunately, he lost his right hand which left him physically disabled to take up any job. So, to feed his family, he resorted to begging. Despite harsh circumstances, this loving father patiently collected money for 2 years to buy his daughter a new dress. This heartbreaking photograph taken by photographer GMB Akash has gone viral and there’s no chance you won’t tear up.

Dad’s moves helped save his daughter’s dance recital

It’s not every day you see a baby-wearing dad amidst a sea of ballerinas! Little Bella was performing in her first ballet recital in Hamilton, Bermuda with the In Motion School of Dance when she came down with a case of the jitters. As you’ll see in the video, her dad Marc Daniels couldn’t bear to see his little ballerina suffer so he hopped up on stage with little sis Suri to lend a helping hand.
Perhaps the cutest part of the whole video is daughter Bella constantly grabbing dad’s hand as she performs next to him. We can’t think of a sweeter picture of fatherhood.

Parents get belly tattoos to support son on insulin pump for Type 1 diabetes

In a show of solidarity, a couple whose son has Type 1 diabetes have an image of an insulin pump tattooed on their abdomens, declaring that they are “forever linked” to their son as he felt different by wearing a pump.

A single dad with 4 daughters, one of who wanted a Star Wars princess party. So ya do what you got to, lol!

Dad creates a shirt that makes his kid give him a back rub

This dad from Japan really needed a back rub after a long day at work, so he came up with a way to combine playtime with downtime. Ken got to work on creating a print design for his t-shirt. Since a toy train had given him the idea, it only made sense to include train tracks as part of the design. The t-shirt has tracks that go over the areas of the back that need the most work to relieve tension. He also labeled the shoulders, spine, and lower back, since each part can be critical when it comes to a massage.

Father tricks baby by painting fake eyes on eyelids & takes a power nap

One of the most tricky tasks that come along with parenting, is putting your toddler to sleep. Sometimes the little one can keep you awake for the entire night. However, a father in China came up with a brilliant idea to solve the problem. The Chinese father can be seen sleeping with his baby. However, in a bid to take a nap himself and at the same time, fool his child into thinking that he is wide awake, he drew a fake pair of eyes on his eyelids


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