16 Interesting Things About Bihar That Will Make You Respect The Land And Its People

16 Interesting Things About Bihar That Will Make You Respect The Land And Its People

Numerous Indians frequently look down or condemn about the general population of Bihar. They think Biharis are mediocre compared to them and regularly ridicule them, here and there even abuse them. They are being stereotyped, segregated and frequently considered as ignoble individuals. Be that as it may, there are huge numbers of us Indians who just talk, bark and despise with others without knowing much or anything about the place and its kin. Truth be told, there are numerous firsts, acclaimed and fascinating things in Bihar which are, from various perspectives, superior to numerous different states in the nation. In this post, we investigate some of them that will presumably make you regard the land and its kin.

1. Bihar’s antiquated city Vaishali is viewed as the primary republic on the planet.

The old city is made reference to in the Mahabharata and in Buddhism and Jainism.

2. It is home to most established Hindu sanctuary in the nation.

Bihar is home to the most established Hindu sanctuaries in India – Mundeshwari.

3. The idea of peacefulness was started from Bihar.

The most charming idea in the historical backdrop of humanity was started from here. It was Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha who raised this thought regarding 2600 years prior. Bihar is additionally the origination of two religions – Jainism and Buddhism.

4. The word Bihar has been gotten from a Sanskrit word.

It is gotten from Sanskrit and Pali word Vihara, which signifies “dwelling place”.

5. It is the origination of Guru Gobind Singh.

Bihar is the origination of tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, and the sacred place of Sikhs, Harmandir Takht, is in Patna.

6. Bihar was the focal point of exchange and culture amid the Vedic time frame.

Magadha, Vaishali, Mithila/Videha, Anga, Sakyapradesh, Vijji, Janaka were the significant kingdoms amid those days.

7. Bihar is an epicenter of information.

Bihar was the epicenter of learning, culture and power in the antiquated period. Nalanda University, which once draws in understudies from everywhere throughout the world, is in Patna.

8. Biharis are great in arithmetic.

Individuals of Bihar are viewed as very educated in Mathematics.

9. It is an IAS creating processing plant

Bihar is considered as the second most IAS creating processing plant in the nation from where many individuals cleared the renowned exams consistently.

10. The once acclaimed Nalanda library is situated in Bihar.

This library once pulled in individuals from over the word. In any case, it was determined to flame by the armed force of Bakhtiyar Khilji, a Turko Afghan military general of Qutb al-Din Aibak, under his direction. The library was huge to the point that it continued consuming for three months and pulverized more than nine million original copies.

11. Bihar is among the most rich land on the planet.

Shaped by forceful waterways like Ganga, Koshi and Gandak, Bihar fields are among the most fruitful land on the planet.

12. Bihar is home to world’s longest WI-FI run.

Bihar has introduced the world’s longest Wi-Fi go, 20kms, in its state capital Patna.

13. It’s a voyagers goal.

There are numerous attractions in Bihar, for example, the tomb of Sher Shah Suri and Maner Sharif, which characterizes the magnificence of Mughal design, and Bodhi tree, under which Gautama illuminated and progress toward becoming Buddha. Bihar ought to be in the rundown of each explorer.

14. Energetic Chhath celebration.

Chhath is the primary celebration of Bihar which is being praised since old Vedic occasions. The celebration is dedicated to Lord Surya and Chhathi Maiya. It is likewise the notorious image of Bihar culture.

15. Tasty cooking styles.

Bihari’s mouth-watering litti chokha is sufficient to fill your heart with joy.

16. Also, in conclusion, the renowned and one of a kind Bihari complement.

Bihari highlight is a standout amongst the most well known ones in the nation. We can hear many fascinating exchanges in Bihari complement in numerous Bollywood motion pictures, as ‘PK’, ‘Groups of Wasseypur’, ‘Gangaajal’.


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