16 Most WTF yet Hilarious sex related queries ever answered by Sexperts

16 Most WTF yet Hilarious sex related queries ever answered by Sexperts

When you’re in a sticky situation, sometimes the advice of a total stranger can offer some fresh perspective.But some it’s little wonder that some would prefer to write to an advice column than turn to their nearest and dearest given the rather unusual nature of their problems. 

It’s really because of things like this that the government should sincerely consider better sex education classes in schools. These guys would’ve won it eons back, if sex were a game.

Some of the more bizarre questions sent to agony aunts have been shared on the web. Have a look:

When you’re so used to number crunching, 40 strokes does make a difference.

Some questions are better left unasked.

The extra-dimensional question.

Epic answer.

That escalated quickly.

For imagination, you have to give brownie points.

Where did people hear something like that from?

Remember when we used to outsmart the teacher in school?

Some people just want to be God.

He says, heat of the moment. Hope the following month he got his period.

A bonus of dingbats.

In what angle and how big should a vagina be for something to accidentally fall in it?

Might be useful in digging graves!!!

This man found the missing spark in a goat after losing interest in his wife.

Mixed bag question

Maybe he is worried about pregnancy issues.

That one query which will change your life.


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