16-YO UP Girl Drugged & Raped Inside School By Her ‘Jealous’ Cousins For Excelling In Studies

16-YO UP Girl Drugged & Raped Inside School By Her ‘Jealous’ Cousins For Excelling In Studies

A Class VIII scholar in Sitapur was quieted and assaulted on government school grounds on a few events purportedly by her four cousins who were desirous of her for being great in studies.

Their depravity was supported by an instructor, however the last likewise took an interest in the rapes. The pack, which recorded the demonstration without fail, circled a portion of the video cuts among relatives on a WhatsApp bunch on Friday, uncovering the wrongdoing and inciting guardians of the 16-year-old young lady to hold up a FIR against every one of the five on Saturday. Nobody has been captured up until this point.

“Once the minor girl was sedated, the youths and their teacher took turns to rape her while one of them filmed the act on a mobile phone. When she regained consciousness, she was told she fainted on playground and was hence, brought to staff room. She realised what went on during those times only after the clips were shared,” a police officer said.

‘Girl was gang-raped by her cousins many times’

Extra SP (north) Madhuvan Kumar Singh disclosed to TOI that the understudy, in her grievance, had said she was assaulted by her cousins commonly in the previous two years. “The incidents have taken place at a government school in Maholi thana area of Sitapur. The accused are seniors in the same school,” the official cited from her announcement.

A starter test demonstrates that the cousins clearly needed to “slice her to estimate” for exceeding expectations in studies while they failed tests. They all live in a joint family and were supposedly regularly embarrassed by the young lady who stood first in class.

The strikes occurred during break. The cousins requested that the young lady eat with them. Sustenance, bound with tranquilizers, was served in the staff room. She was assaulted from that point.

Sitapur SP LR Kumar revealed to TOI that the young lady’s restorative report was still anticipated.


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