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18 Funniest Answers On ‘Quora’ You Couldn’t Afford To Miss

Quora is home to a myriad of questions and answers. Quora happens to have an active user base of people who answer questions daily. What else can one do except being witty and sarcastic when they come across a stupid question.

Here are a few of the wittiest replies on Quora you shouldn’t miss reading.

1- The one still in ‘Love’

2- A simple solution

3- A lifesaver tip

4- Harsh reality!

5- That happens only in India

6- Think of other boys too

7- True story

8- My favorite one

9- The wittiest answer

10- An apt example

11- Young boys don’t know what’s worse

12- That’s India for you!

13- Rightly explained

14- Got the reason!

15- Men with brains love women with brains

16- That would give some serious burn 

17- Absolutely right!

18- Why are people so obsessed with IIT and NIT!


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