18 Photos From India That Make Everyone Laugh

18 Photos From India That Make Everyone Laugh

If this picture has not been shared on the internet .Definitely  your news feed and whats app account are boring . we should thanks to those people who taken such hilarious pic and make our digital life more funny .

This photo has been taken since 2014 but is  still viral on the internet .

Here we are sharing some selected pictures with you .

1.oops, He is confused between mango and grapes:P

2.This ATM security guard who really knows how to double his earnings.’Two jobs at the same time.

3.2014 is a year of selfie, And according to me it should be nominated as Best Selfie.

4.Meet the Indian MESSI  who scored better than the Argentine Messi in the internet world during fifa world cup 2014 .

5.Hostel life jugaad during IPL match .

6. Do u found something hilarious more than this .


7. Aunties also  can’t save herself from social media effect. latset trendy sarees  of 2014.

8.have a look at this funny groom and i bet you . you can’t stop laughing .


9.Now a days internet meme is popular in india .and its is one of most popular mems of the year .

10 Award winning  festival offer  is here 😛

11. Meet the king who almost broke all the internet record 😀

12. look how Diwali sweet  is prepared . its yummy lolx .

13.Omg only our  talented pm modi ji ,who knows how to give a good pose 😛

14. No one can’t  beat Indian  in jugaad .

15 Omg! look at this little cutie ,who ruined the family wedding pic 😀

16.  These aunties saying why boys have all the fun . lets having a fun ride.

17.oops! Aunty what are you doing in publicly. Don’t distract uncle during ride.


18. PK is  not only the best n hyped  movie of Bollywood in 2014 . promotion  make curious the people before release n one of them is here 😛


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