19 Interesting Facts About Sam Manekshaw, India’s First Field Marshal

19 Interesting Facts About Sam Manekshaw, India’s First Field Marshal

One of the most brave, celebrated and designed armed force officials of India, Sam Manekshaw, is known for his multi decade long excellent profession in the Indian Army. Beneficiary of the largest amount of honors by the Govt. of India, Sam had a difficult vocation as a military official. He saw numerous advancements in his work life inferable from his diligent work, insight, commitment and certainty.

Give us a chance to take an impression life of Sam Manekshaw, directly through his initial life, instruction and vocation.

Prominently known as Sam Bahadur

His genuine name is Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw. He was nicknamed ‘Sam Bahadur’ when he visited a Gorkha unit and was alluded to as ‘Sam Bahadur’ by a precise there. From there on, he was famously known as Sam Bahadur by everybody.

Destined to a Parsi family

Sam was conceived on third April 1914 in Amritsar, Punjab to a Parsi family. His dad, Hormusji Manekshaw was a specialist and chosen to settle with his significant other in Amritsar, while they were headed to settle down in Lahore 1903.


Sam did his essential tutoring from Punjab and post that he went to the Sherwood College, Nainital. In this way, he sought after his senior Cambridge through Cambridge Board and go with unique excellence. Sam needed to turn into a specialist, notwithstanding, when his dad wouldn’t send him to London to consider by saying that Sam was too youthful to even think about staying abroad individually, a furious showed up for the selection test for the Indian Military Academy and got through. He was one of the 15 cadets that were chosen through this open challenge, positioning sixth all together.

Sam’s dad, Hormusji Manekshaw had likewise served in the British Indian Army during the First World War, as a chief in the Indian Medical Services.

First Batch

In October 1932, Sam turned into a piece of the main group of cadets for a military foundation in India which was suggested by Field Marshal Sir Philip Chetwood so as to prepare Indians for official commissions in the military. The clump was called ‘the Pioneers’.


Sam met his significant other Siloo Bode on 22 April 1939 in Bombay and the couple had two little girls Sherry and Maya conceived in 1940 and 1945, individually.

Wars battled

In a vocation spreading over crosswise over four decades, Sam battled five wars – World War II in 1942, Indo-Pak parcel war in 1947, Sino-Indian War in 1962, Indo-Pak War in 1965 and the 1971 war of Bangladesh Liberation.

Swindled Death

He is known to have swindled demise on numerous events. There was this one time when during the World War II, while battling around the Pagoda Hill, he was hit by a burst of light automatic rifle shoot and he was seriously injured in the stomach. He was safeguarded and taken to an Australian specialist who worked upon him and took out a sum of seven shots from his lungs, liver and kidneys. Alongside that, a major piece of his digestive organs additionally must be evacuated.

Sam was known for his mind and comical inclination

During the previously mentioned occurrence, the specialist at first wouldn’t regard Sam as his odds of survival were exceptionally low. When he asked Sam how he got harmed, Sam answered that he was ‘kicked by a donkey’. The specialist was intrigued by his mind and along these lines consented to work upon him.

Amazing Quotes by Sam Manekshaw

He has been known for tossing probably the best statements at any point heard in military. One such statement was made by him when he was asked what might have occurred in the event that he would have decided on Pakistan during allotment, he answered saying ‘then Pakistan would have won all the wars.’ Another prominent statement made by him is ‘If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gorkha.’

At the point when Manekshaw embarrassed General Yahya Khan

During India’s autonomy in 1947, Sam Manekshaw and Yahya Khan, the future leader of Pakistan served together in the British Amry. Around then Manekshaw possessed a red James bike which Yahya Khan liked. Yahya purchased the cruiser from Sam for Rs 1,000 and guaranteed to send the sum from Pakistan. In any case, the cash never came to Sam. Following 24 years in 1971, under the administration of Sam, when India won the war against Pakistan which prompted arrangement of Bangladesh, Manekshaw was heard saying,

“Yahya never paid me the Rs. 1000 for my motorbike, but now he has paid with half his country.”

First Indian Army official who moved toward becoming Field Marshal

Despite the fact that he was set to resign in June 1972, his term was reached out by 6 six months to encourage him with an advancement to the position of a field marshal. Along these lines, in acknowledgment of his extraordinary administrations to the Armed Forces and the country, he was elevated to a Field Marshal and therefore turned into the principal ever Indian Army official to be elevated to this position.


In his uncommon vocation, Sam has gotten a sum of 3 presumed honors. The first was during the World war II for which he got a Millitary Cross for courage. The second and third being the Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan, which are the second and third most astounding regular citizen grants of India, individually.

Continuously prepared to put his nation first

It is accepted that privilege before the Indo-Pak 1971 war Indira Gandhi got some information about the availability and arrangement of the Indian Army, he reacted saying ‘I am constantly prepared sweetie’. He had an extraordinary compatibility with Indira Gandhi because of his Parsi association and would regularly consider her a ‘sweetie/sweetheart.’

A sympathetic man

After the Indo-Pak war of 1971, in excess of 90,000 Pakistani warriors were taken detainees by the Indian Army. After the war, Sam came to be known for his empathy towards the POWs and would have private discussions with them over some tea. He additionally guaranteed that they were dealt with well and would orchestrate their bundles from their families and a duplicate of Quran.

At the point when Sam was interrogated by Indira Gandhi concerning gossipy tidbits about an arranged upset by the military boss

Manekshaw answered in his style,

“You mind your own business, I’ll mind mine. You kiss your own sweetheart, I’ll kiss mine. I don’t interfere politically, as long as nobody interferes with me in the Army.”


Towards the finish of his profession, he was engaged with different contentions and was additionally marked ‘hostile to national’ by a few. One of the discussions emerged when he questioned the political obstruction with the military. The other two were nearly non-existent and didn’t do much damage to his profession.


Sam took his last breath on 27th June 2008 at 94 years old because of confusions from pneumonia at the Military Hospital in Wellington. It is accepted that his final words were ‘I am Ok’ and that simply demonstrated his inspiration, versatility and a solid character.

Motion picture on Sam Manekshaw

On-screen character Vicky Kaushal, who was prior found in armed force uniform in “Uri: The Surgical Strike”, is good to go to depict Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw in an up and coming true to life film “Sam”. The motion picture will be coordinated by Raazi acclaim Meghna Gulzar.

Such commitment and diligence are once in a while found in anybody. An ideal mix of solidarity, mind, knowledge and will, Sam Manekshaw earned regard because of his uncommon work for the Armed Forces. He will consistently be associated with his devotion and assurance.

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