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10 Guiness Book Of World records , belongs to Indians.

When it comes to the making of records , Indians have an expertise for the same. We have brought some records from the Guiness Book of World record , where Indians did a fabulous job and it’s actually a worth watch .

Have a look at the list below :

# 1 World’s Largest Boondi Laddoo

We Indians have a sweet tooth and when it comes to make record for the same , it’s an icing on the cake. World’s largest laddoo was made in Andhra Pradesh by a person named PVVS Mullikaarjun Rao . The weight of the laddoo was 29,465 Kg.  

#2 World’s Largest Chapati

World’s largest chapati was made by JamNagar’s Dagdu Seth Ganpati Saarvjanik Mahotsav Association. This chapati weighs 145 Kgs.

# 3 World’s Largest Biryani

Indian cuisine has a vast variety ,one such delicacy is Biryani . Indians have made record for the same. With 60 chefs , 1200kgs of biryani was made and this record is unbreakable till date.

# 4 World’s Longest Turban

Punjab’s Avtar Singh mouni has made the record of wearing world’s longest turban . It weighs 45kgs and it’s length is 645m . He takes around 6 hours to wear this beautiful turban.

# 5 World’s most Tiny Female

Jyoti Aamge is the world’s most tiny female . She resides in Nagpur. Her height is 2 feet 6 inch ,which is a record in itself.

# 7 World’s Longest Moustaches

Many must be aware of a popular dialogue ” Moochchen hon to Nathulal jaisi” but a record has been made in real for this too. Resident of Rajasthan , Ram Singh Chauhan made a record of longest moustaches in the world.He is growing moustaches since 30 years and now they are of 14 feet.

# 7 World’s Largest Record Of Typing With Nose

The record which sounds strange but India has a holder of this one too. Khursheed Hussain of Hyderabad made this record for the fastest typing with nose . He typed 103 characters in 47 seconds.

# 8 Record Of World’s Longest nails of a hand.

This actually sounds weird and gross too. Pune’s resident Shridhar Chillal has grown his right hand nails. It’s length is 29 feet and 10.1 inches .Since the age of 14 , Mr. Chillal stopped cutting his nails.

# 9 Longest Record Of The Eating Worms Every Minute

Now this is something unbelievable , John Peter of Coimbatore has made a record of eating worms every minute . He eats earthworm with dosa in breakfast and in dinner he eats a lot of lizards.

# 10 world’s Costliest Suits Of The world

When it comes to make records, PM Modi is also in the league . In the year 2016 , when former American president Barack Obama visited India , PM Narendra Modi wore a suit which was auctioned later on. The suit was sold at 4.5 Cr. which is a huge amount. This money was later utilized in the Swcha Ganga Abhiyaan.


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