2 School Boys Allegedly Tied To Bench For Writing Love Letters to Teachers

2 School Boys Allegedly Tied To Bench For Writing Love Letters to Teachers

There still are schools in different parts of the country where authorities choose corporal punishment as a means to teach ‘naughty’ kids a lesson. According to UNICEF, Corporal punishment or physical punishment is a criminal offence as per the Juvenile Justice Act and the Right to Education Act. These state that no child is to be subjected to physical forms of punishment, mental harassment, or any form of abusive treatment. However, there are some who are oblivious to such laws.

In a shocking incident, the headmistress of a municipal primary school in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district tied two students to a bench as a punishment.

This stirred severe backlash from child rights activists. The outraged activists have been demanding a criminal case be filed against authorities.

The two boys, one from the third grade and another from the fifth grade are seen with their hands and legs tied to a bench at their school in Kadiri town.

Activist Achyuta Rao has called for departmental action must be initiated against the head mistress. “Criminal case should also be booked,” he said.

The head mistress of the school has given two reasons for tying up the students. One of them had written a love letter and the other had allegedly taken away other children’s items.

“I did not tie them up. The child’s mother tied him up,” the head mistress said. She did not, however, explain why the incident was allowed to happen inside the school premises. A probe has now been ordered.

“In a lighter vein, I am quite glad if a child in a government school has been able to write a love letter, if not a leave letter, given the usual levels of learning and writing,” said activist Achyutha Rao.

According to local media, the children seemed to suggest that this sort of punishment was not an unusual occurrence at the school.

Such maltreatment of children is deeply condemnable and any person guilty of allotting corporal punishment to students should be made to face the consequences.


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