20 Hilarious And Weird People That Were Found Traveling In Metro

20 Hilarious And Weird People That Were Found Traveling In Metro

No body really likes taking public transport, but when you work in a busy city and the only other option is to sit in traffic (unless you walk) it’s actually a pretty efficient way to get around – that’s if you don’t mind sharing your personal space or in this case a carriage, with other people. The only problem is that those people can sometimes be a little bizarre, from those that won’t go anywhere without their pet raven to people that like to play dress up – you never quite know what to expect and taking the subway can sometimes be a real lottery.
To celebrate some of the wacky and unusual sights people have spotted on subways we’ve put together this list of seriously strange and unusual sights.

1. Um, This Seat’s Saved.?

2. When you forget you’re not alone.

C’mon man put those things away, you’re in public not in your bathroom.

3. Missing: one band of merry men

It’s impressive but in a totally useless kinda way but man +1 for his flexibility.

4. Poor rats

Looks like they’re particularly clean which will not cause plague. But someone think of the rats too?

5. We’ve all had that dream

On a subway platform in a towel. Really?? It’s almost like that bad dream where one pants fall down while standing infront of the class.

6. Pole Dancing?

Is this a rare deleted scene from Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video?

7. He must be a vampire

Hanging around on the way to work.

8. He’s no Johnny Depp

The funk is strong in this one. In fact, are we sure George Clinton hasn’t gone missing?

9. Don’t mind us!

Please get a room, you two. Never ever do this in public.

10. When there’s rain in forecast

That hat is like something out of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

11. When camouflage doesn’t work

That would’ve been awkward to wear knitwear from head to toe.

12. Reduce, Reuse… Time to Recycle

I can barely even see this person.

13. Make yourself at home!

This guy has confidence to spare.

14. I call his seat when he gets off!

Have recliner, will travel! What do YOU sit on, the bench? Ew.

15. Multitasking taken to a whole new level

Starting dinner prep on the train is such a time saver.

16. Bet he’s going somewhere fun

Spotting the Gimp on the subway makes for one of the greatest selfies ever!

17. Does he think that’s an invisibility shirt?

Practice that self love at home bro.

18. That’s why you wash your hands when you get home.

I don’t think I’ve ever slept THIS deeply.

19. Foxy lady or gentleman?

Fox will say, “Excuse me, you’re stepping on my tail.”

20. Forgetting something?

“That’s funny, I could have sworn we brought the baby with us today? Where did that little rascal go? And by the way, why is this seat so lumpy?”