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20 Hilarious Times When People Took Posing With Statue To All New Heights

If someone tells you that posing for pictures near a statue is dull or boring, it’s only because they don’t know how to do proper photo poses. To take a great picture you only need to turn on your imagination. With a little creativity, you’ll have some Insta worthy photos.

Scroll down and take some ideas from these creative people who proved that posing with a sculpture is actually a great idea as long as you do it right.

1- Some people will take love anywhere they can get it.

2- “I  will punch you if you don’t give me back my candy.”

3- This one made me laugh hard.

4- Slipping the barber a tip!

5-  “Need a mirror so I can see if I got all the hair.”

6- This one is downright adorable!!

7- “All the single ladies, put your hands up!”

8- “Out of my way, Superman!”

9- “Wow, what is this strange technology!”

10- Thief spotted!

11- This is what a divorce looks like.

12- Back off he’s mine!

13- Oh No! I think I killed him!


15- One naughty sculpture.

16- “Not the balls! Not the balls!”

17- Hopeless romantic in the making!

18- “I don’t know, and asking again isn’t going to change the answer.”

19- “Please darling,  give me ONE more chance!”

20- Gotcha, Spidey.

21- Aww..dorable!!

22- Attack of the radioactive pigeons from outer space.

23- “You are coming home with me right now.”

24- Kinda bit afraid that the sculpture will break.

25- “Yeah I’ve seen that one on YouTube before.”

26- This one looks scary though!

27- “Hey thanks, lady!”

28- Mortal Combat on the streets!

29- An adorable rescuer!

30- “Why did you eat at Burger King yesterday? You traitor!”


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