20 Iconic Roles Portrayed by Irrfan Khan Proves He Was A Charismatic Actor on Screen

20 Iconic Roles Portrayed by Irrfan Khan Proves He Was A Charismatic Actor on Screen

Irrfan Khan was the definition of unconventional. He was also among those actors in Bollywood who could pull off any character effortlessly. Not only did he dominate in Bollywood films, but his talent was also recognised globally. 

And so when the news of his death surfaced on April 29, 2020, the industry realised the unparalleled loss it had suffered. 

He had delivered some exceptional performances one after the other that it is next to impossible to choose which one has been his best role. Here are 20 of his best roles.

1- He aced the negative role so convincingly that he made people hate him. He also bagged a Filmfare award for it.

2- This is one of my personal favorite roles of Irrfan. And how can we forget that romance between Maqbool and Nimmi.

3- He earned great reviews for his role as Pakistani Police Chief.

4- Wasn’t the screaming-the-hearts-out strategy a total hit?

5- He left an indelible mark with this film.

6- Irrfan showed how impactful can his short cameo be.

7- By this film, we were so used to seeing Irrfan as an inspector.

8- Though he died in the end, but at least he got the girl’s heart.

9- The intensity in his eyes, whenever he looked at Sussanna was wallah!

10- Undoubtedly, it is one of his best roles.

11- He was probably one of the first actors to be Hollywood-bound regularly. And, made his character roles epic.

12- His dialogue delivery and the way he controls his facial expressions is phenomenal.

13- He once again proved his acting mettle by giving such powerful performance.

14- The sweetest love story ever!

15- Main tha, main hoon aur main hi rahoonga. His screen-time was limited but it touched everyone’s rooh.

16- Without Irrfan, ‘Piku’ just wouldn’t have been the same.

17- He looked extremely sauve and convincing in his portrayal of Mr Masrani in the movie.

18- With his fine acting, Irrfan made the thriller more thrilling.

19- Not only Tom Hanks, but the film’s director Ron Howard just couldn’t stop raving about Irrfan.

20- Yet again, he proved how fantastic an actor he is.

Cinema and his global fanbase will miss him dearly.


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