20 Passengers Who Are Guaranteed To Ruin Your Day

20 Passengers Who Are Guaranteed To Ruin Your Day

Let’s face it, flying isn’t the most pleasant experience at the best of times, but it’s certainly not helped when you have to share the plane with people who’ve left any concept of hygiene at the cabin door.
And, unless you’ve got the fortune to be flying first class, you’ve probably experienced a fair few inconsiderate passengers in your time.

Now, people have taken to social media to share photos of some of their worst experiences with fellow travellers.

We have shared some of the best examples of people forgetting all sense of decorum and decency the second they board a confined space with other humans. Let’s have a look.

Had To Look At These Feet For Entire Flight

If you had a bad day, just think about this person who had to sot infront of these pair of feet. Taking off your shoes on a flight is bad but the worse is having feet like this, seems like they’re not given a proper wash.

Natural Selection!!

This darwin award passenger was cold, so she used the plastic bag (that was holding blanket / pillow) and put it over her head to warm up. Like seriously what will she do while suffocating.

Packing At The Gate 5 Minutes Before The Flight Like

This woman is stressing me out. Who on the earth does this last minute packing on the airport? God bless the person who’ll sit next to such mess.

Most Entitled Man Ever…

This man dumps his food into aisle after eating what he wanted. Somebody please ask him if the flight attendants are his personal maids?

“I Hate Everyone And Shirts”

Either this man hates wearing shirts or maybe he is thinking that he is on a beach already.

Trying To Warm Up Pizza On A Plane

This guy wanted to enjoy a warm pizza on a plane, do he decided to warm it up like this. I wonder if he was successful in his attempt or not?

That Woman

The person sitting next to this woman must google “how to unsee things”. Seriously does these kind of people think that they are invisible.

Must Be First To Get Bag

This man is in such a hurry to claim his bag and let’s appreciate the fact that he didn’t just crawl inside.

Don’t Do This!

Just feels so disgusting when someone pokes you with their feet on a plane. I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to jab those with pens.

Ok, So Which One Of You Left These On The Plane?!

There must be a hell for people like this. Those who clean the planes, well better than no job I guess !!!

Definitely Not A Treat

Seriously? Are there THAT stupid people? What is she even trying to do? To put nailpolish on? God, it must be terrible to travel with this smell…

A Gift Left In First Class

Yes this is first class. Yes this is (was?) A leftover T-Bone steak that someone ate. This is why we can’t have nice airplane food things.

Sometimes You Just Need To Air Out Your Sweaty Shoe

Is it the same man who tried to heat his pizza? Airing out that sweaty shoe so everyone around you can breathe your toe fungus spores…

Sometimes Self-Awareness Is Hard

It’s kind of tough to get scissors on a plane these days. Pretty sure my mom brings sewing scissors on for quilting. They have to be fairly small though, so you might have to snip it strand by strand.

The Sense Of Entitlement Is Strong With This One

Looks like someone tried to make a perfect shot for Instagram.  I’d like to come with my bag and knock her stuff over.

No Dignity

The crew said she couldn’t do this and her reply was… “I Don’t Care”. This is humiliating for everyone, including the child. Was she planning on packing it back into her bag afterward???

Not Apple Juice.

What’s wrong with these people? Aren’t there restrooms on the planes? Or they’re too lazy to walk a few feet? Somebody had to have witnessed this. Hopefully not a child.

No This Wasn’t A 348 Day Long Flight

This flight lasted only few years and the people sitting created such a mess. It makes you wonder how their home looks. Can we ban these people from flights please? Or at least make them clean up after themselves?

Jesus Flute Dude

If he was good at it and played it well, it must’ve been a best case scenario. But if he was practising…. God save them. Regardless of how good he might be, it’s noise pollution, and a violation of other people’s right to quiet and their own choices of music–through headphones!

 2 For 1 Pap Smears Now Available In Row 26!

Some people have zero class. There should be a “zero class” area for them. Where the hell are the parents of these adults? This is why you should educate your kids telling them this is not something good?


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