20+ Psychological Hacks That Will Help You To Read The Minds of People

20+ Psychological Hacks That Will Help You To Read The Minds of People

Most of us do not have the ability to read the thoughts that are present in the mind of others.

The good news is this is not necessary. You can learn to read the body language of other people to achieve similar results.

Mostly all our communication is non-verbal and we don’t even realise it. You can become aware of gestures, mimics, and other non-verbal cues to become more aware of what an individual really thinks and feels.

1- Closed Eyes

The person that closes their eyes during a conversation is more than likely wishing to shield himself from the world outside of them. It is important to remember that this gesture is not a sign that the person is fearful of something. Instead, it is an attempt to rid themselves of an unwanted presence or thought. When the eyes are closed, the person cannot see the things around them, including you.

2- Hand Over Mouth

You probably remember this one from childhood. Kids often place their hands over their mouth when they do not want to speak about something. Adults will also do this at times. A palm or fist over the mouth restricts the flow of unwanted words. This action can also show itself as a manufactured cough.

3- Biting glasses

A person that bites his or her glasses may be in need of a little cheering up. The person is likely worried deeply about a matter. Biting on things is a subconscious expression of a need to feel safe.

4- Face Presentation

Physical gestures that draw attention to the face are most often reserved for members of the opposite sex. A man that recognizes this body language would do well to understand that it is a great time to compliment a woman on her appearance.

5- Rubbing The Chin

This often happens when an individual is making a decision. The eyes may be focused on any object or travel in any direction. This is because the individual is likely in deep thought and is not conscious of any object in the path of their eyes.

6- Crossed Arms

Everyone has seen an individual with both arms crossed at their chest. Many people take comfort in this position because it places a barrier between themselves and a source of irritation or discomfort. A person with their arms crossed is feeling bad about something.

7- Appearance Fixing

A woman that wants to gain favorable attention from a man will present herself in a desirable manner. She might straighten her back in an effort to push her breasts forward. She may cross her legs. A woman with her hands clasped together below her waist is giving a clear sign of interest in an individual.

8- Leaning Forward

Individuals that like someone may subconsciously connect with them by leaning in their direction. The legs will often remain motionless, but the upper body will move forward.

9- Leaning Back

When a person leans back against their chair, it is a sign that they have become tired of the present conversation. It is quite possible that the subject or the person involved with the conversation has caused them to become uncomfortable.

10- Shifting or Swinging From Heel To Toe

This one is usually seen only in children. It is a sign that something has caused the child to become anxious or concerned about something.

11- Hand Rubbing

It has long been said that the hands are a broadcaster of a person’s thoughts. When hands are rubbed together, it is a sign that the person is feeling positive about something. This is done when something gives a person reason to believe that future benefits can be expected.

12- The ‘Gloved’ Handshake

A person that uses their off-hand to grip your wrist during a handshake is giving an indicator that they can be trusted.

13- Palm Facing Ceiling During Handshake

A two-handed shake with one palm under the person’s hand, with the other hand on top, is a show of sympathy. However, this is only true if the top hand is offered immediately. When the top hand is given as a delayed reaction, it is a sign of dominance.

14- Palm Facing Floor Handshake

The act of taking someone’s hand in both of your own, and placed beneath the palm, communicates a desire to help.

15- A Touch That Accompanies A Handshake

An individual will sometimes touch the elbow, arm, or back of a person while engaging in a handshake. This is an invasion of private space that indicates the person is lacking companionship. When this touch is close to the torso, it is more of a sign the person is in need of company.

16- Fixing A Tie

The significance of this gesture can vary according to the situation. A man that does this in the presence of a woman is likely attracted to her. This gesture can also indicate a level of discomfort in the person. A third possibility is that the person has just told a lie and is ready to escape the current situation.

17- Collection Of Non-Existent Hair

This is said to be a gesture of displacement. It is often used by people to express a disagreement that they do not want to articulate.

18- Feet On Desk

This gesture is associated with a few things. This could be simple bad manners, a show of disrespect, or a display of dominance. Individuals that find themselves comfortable in this position should probably only indulge themselves in the comfort of their own home.


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