21 Unrealistic Logic in Bollywood Movies Which Makes Us to Quit Watching Films

21 Unrealistic Logic in Bollywood Movies Which Makes Us to Quit Watching Films

Bollywood used to make some classic cult movies. That was a golden period when movies used to be the pride of the industry. Now, Bollywood is all glitter and no gold. The movies are filled with some unrealistic crap. Here are the reasons why I’m saying this:

1- Almost same repeated story

The movies revolves around the same plot. There’s nothing new in the story. Just pick any two same genre movies, and see that there’s no difference between the two.

2- Illogical stereotypes

All the gay characters portrayed in Bollywood sound and talk almost same.

And let’s not forget about the cultural north-south stereotypes.

3- Romance between a 50-year-old and a 20-year-old. I mean it’s really disturbing seeing them romance.

4- There’s at least an item song in the movie. Whether necessary or not, they have to put an item song in every movie.

5- As if Munni was not enough, they needed Sheila, Chameli, Pinky, Laila and what’s-your-face!

6- Some really bad actors gets a great role in the movie. Just pretty faces!!

7- Some actors are considered highly adored, some remain underrated.

8- High budget movies are low on direction and script.

9- Highly missing logic.

10- Movies have aliens like these..

11- Action scenes defying gravity.

12- Disastrous fashion trends.

13- You’ll want to run after watching those super hero movies.

14- Originality has lost. All the movies are almost copied from Hollywood.

15- Even copying is not done right.

16- Every intimate sex scene faces the outrage of censor board.

17- Social messages are theoretical.

18- Some movies are only based on ‘heroes’.

19- There’s no interest in art cinema culture.

20- Expectations have now fallen to nothing better than ridiculous!

21- Everything good either gets censored or banned.


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