22 People Whom Fortune Didn’t Favor At All

22 People Whom Fortune Didn’t Favor At All

1. Mom, I met the President.

2. The day you realise you shouldn’t let your mom take care of the cake.

3. ‘It could be worse’ mug ironically appeared to be broken.

4. Technically she’s still wearing her underwear.

5. She could be good at advertising on TV shopping channels.

6. Even teeth can be sacrificed for a good shot.

7. Mmm, now with a new taste of paper and cellophane!

8. Thank you, daughter, for not leaving it on the seat.

9. It’s a French fry, and this seems to be the best way to hold it.

10. When even the restaurant is hinting at cutting back on eating fast food.

11. I don’t care that he’s not a prince – he is great at kissing.

12. I don’t even know who feels more awkward at this moment.

13. The world record for cooking the largest scrambled eggs.

14. When you let your grandmother be the photographer.

15. The manufacturers literally understood the phrase “air bun.”

16. If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. Damn it!

17. Oh, right. It’s Monday.

18. Thanks for the 18 kg of price tags and a coupon, but I ordered only 2 shirts.

19. My whole life in one photo.

20. It seems the tumble dryer has overdried my clothes a bit.

21. Hey, how dare you, Mr. Cormorant?!

22. Both brothers won the lottery on the same day.