23 Insane S3x Related Queries You Have To See To Believe

23 Insane S3x Related Queries You Have To See To Believe

t’s really because of things like this that the government should sincerely consider better s3x education classes in schools. These guys would’ve won it eons back, if s3x were a game.

1. This man found the missing spark in a goat after losing interest in his wife.

2. Maybe he is worried about pregnancy issues.

3. A microwaved banana, looks like an IIT graduate.

4. He says, heat of the moment. Hope the following month he got his period.

5. His wife like a bit of role reversal. It’s fine as long as he takes lingerie off before going to work.

6. In what angle and how big should a vagina be for something to accidentally fall in it?

7. The most disturbing thing is that the couple could be anywhere preparing your next cup of tea.

8. The cheapest face cream ever!

9. Try a penicure if unsure of your partner.

10. When you’re so used to number crunching, 40 strokes does make a difference.

11. Not caught for 15 years! Seems like this guy is a master thief.

12. Some people just want to be God.

13. Where did people hear something like that from?

14. Firstly, he is talking about himself not his friend and most important, why did he not think of wiping it off?

15. If only there was an ejaculation test in the Olympic games.

16. For imagination, you have to give brownie points.

17. Remember when we used to outsmart the teacher in school?

18. That escalated quickly.

19. Some questions are better left unasked.

20. Eating and sleeping are just out of the window due to masturbation and wife has a lot of stamina.

21. Epic answer.

22. A bonus of dingbats.

23. That one query which will change your life.

Well, it did change his!