23 Kickass Business Cards Mostly Searched on the Internet

23 Kickass Business Cards Mostly Searched on the Internet

Business cards are pretty handy things. You can get them printed up to hand out to business acquaintances, potential clients, friends, or maybe even that handsome stranger you happen to meet on the street. Let’s face it though; most business cards are pretty boring, but the funny cards in this gallery prove that they definitely don’t have to be boring! Why not get a little creative and make a card that people will want to put in their pockets? C’mon, live a little!

Whether you’re trying to promote your business or you just want a handy way to tell someone that they parked like an idiot, after seeing these eighteen hilarious and creative cards you’ll never settle for boring embossed black ink on bone cardstock again.

Scroll down to see all of the very best funny and creative business cards.

1- Photographers, take note! This might be a great way to break the ice with potential clients.

2- Not only are his drawing skills impressive, but he promises no more than he can deliver – a mediocre job. 

3- I feel like this is the kind of business card that Arnold Schwarzenegger would carry around.

4- Well, that was unexpected…ly awesome! 

5- Further proof that Steve Martin is the man!  

6- OMG, I could so use these. I would hand them out to every coworker I’ve ever had, ever.

7- Can you imagine being handed this at a networking event? What a way to counter an awkward introduction. 

8- Creativity at its best!!

9- Efficient complaining — well done! 

10- It’s really annoying me that I can’t read the text on this card to work out what profession this is. I’m thinking either a surgeon that specializes in either breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. What do you think? 

11- As a writer, I feel like this is the card of my dreams.

12- Need a lawyer? Just call P Ta Mon! It’s like, totally legit, honest. The other great thing about this is that this guy isn’t pretending to be anything he’s not. 

13- If there’s one thing every woman wants and needs, it’s a man of questionable physical stature offering to do a naked dance for her. For free.

14- It’s an employer’s market. Where’s the sense in limiting yourself to one area of expertise when you can do a million things badly? Cover your bases and someone will call on you eventually. 

15- You got me. This one isn’t real. But c’mon, it has to be included. It’s a business card, it’s funny – and most likely it’s been replicated in real life. I’m actually slightly annoyed for not having thought of this myself. My brain and willingness to travel are my two of my top selling points. 

16- “Nice to meet you, Mr. Chewbacca. Won’t you have a seat?”

17- The owner of this pretty rude card has obviously taken it upon themselves to right the fashion wrongs of the world, in the most brazen way possible. I wonder how they go down with the offending members of society?

18- Let’s all take a moment to remember the awesome job title of Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. Who could ever top this?

19- Meet the peeper scooper:

20- That’s pretty amazing.

21- The most versatile card i’ve ever seen.

22- I’m not going to lie to you; being retired sounds pretty fantastic.

23- I don’t know, me thinks the douchebag doth protest too much.


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