24 Heartbreaking Pics Of Australian Bushfires That Are So Devastating, It’s Visible From Space

24 Heartbreaking Pics Of Australian Bushfires That Are So Devastating, It’s Visible From Space

As Australia’s bushfire crisis continues, millions of hectares have been lost, with a tragic impact on wildlife and flora. Record heat and strong winds have led to blazes ripping through the country at an alarming rate. The ongoing bushfire crisis has already killed more than 480 million animals and destroyed more than 900 homes.

A number of heartbreaking images of the devastation provide a stark reminder of just how widespread and long-lasting the impact will be. The distressing images that are being widely circulated online show stressed-out animals, red skies, smoke-filled communities and raging flames.

Below is a gallery of images capturing the gut-wrenching aftermath of the fires on communities and wildlife.

1- The satellite image as provided by NASA on Saturday, January 4 showing wildfires in Victoria and New South Wales.

2- A thick smoke blanketing southeastern Australia in these before and after pictures of NASA Earth Observatory on January 2, 2020.

3- The satellite image showing smoke from wildfires burning east of Obrost.

4- A kangaroo sits in a field amidst smoke from a bushfire in Snowy Valley on the outskirts of Cooma.

5- The Australian fires have also resulted in blood-red skies in parts of the country.

6- To secure the nearby houses from bushfires, firefighters are struggling against the strong wind.

7- A kangaroo trying to move away from nearby bushfires at a residential property.

8- The bushfires had burned around three million hectares (7.4 million acres) which is equivalent to the size of Belgium and razed more than 800 homes in worst-hit New South Wales alone. 

9- To tackle the bushfires around 3000 military reservists were called.

10- As bushfires are a common phenomenon in Australia but this year’s season has come early due to prolonged drought and climatic conditions fuelled by global warming as claimed by the scientists.

11- Many tourists fleed to beaches as the fire ripped through popular tourist areas.

12- One of the most heartbreaking photos that went viral online shows a baby kangaroo scorched by the blaze in Adelaide Hills.

13- A severely burnt brush-tail possum rescued by volunteer and carer Tracy Burgess.

14- Due to catastrophic conditions many people left their homes as thick smoke from bushfires reached Braemar Bay in New South Wales.

15- Tourists walk with a dog through dense smoke from bushfires in front of the Batemans Bay bridge.

16- Australians on January 5 counted the cost from a day of catastrophic bushfires that caused “extensive damage” across swathes of the country and took the death toll from the long-running crisis to 24.  

17- The picture showing a horse moving away from the bushfires.

18- A koala drinking water from a bottle given by a firefighter.

19- A scorched Santa toy can be seen on a property razed by bushfires.

20- A kangaroo with burnt feet pads rescued from bushfires by volunteer and carer Tracy Dodd.

21- Dehydrated animals have been filmed walking up to people for water and assistance.

22- People being evacuated onto a Black Hawk helicopter during bushfire relief efforts.

23- A helicopter can be seen fighting a bushfire.

24- An NSW Rural Firefighter establishes a backburn during bushfires.


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