24-YO Chinese Woman Proposes To Her BF By Gifting Him A BMW Car & House!

24-YO Chinese Woman Proposes To Her BF By Gifting Him A BMW Car & House!

The fancy thing or may be call it a proposal. The best ever feeling of your life when someone makes you feel so special that you have an important place in their life ..What say gals ???

When a guy proposes ,kneel down and that flower bouquet or a ring in the glass of wine ..Wow!!! what a feeling?

Guys have always been finding special to propose a girl ..But it’s too rare that a girl is proposing a guy .Yeah .. it’s always an exception .Our today’s story is based on such fancy idea .. Let’s see.

In China , a 24 YO broke all the monotonous patterns of proposing . It’s the story of Xiaojing and Xiaoke.

When it was the anniversary of On their’s , Xiaoke asked her boyfriend Xiaoke to take her to an exhibition mall where they had first met. She was able to arrange a surprise for him with the support of her family and friends . Reaching upon the venue Xiaojing surprised her boyfriend with a bouquet of flowers and the key of a BMW car. She also gifted him the papers of a property deal, reports Asia One.

Talking to Chinese daily, Sing Tao, Xiaojing said that though her boyfriend’s materialistic possessions did not matter to her, she decided to gift him a car and a house as she wanted to something special for him in return for all the sacrifices he has made for her. She said she wants to spend her entire life with him. Xiaoke said a ‘yes’ to her!

This lady is has done something different what anyone else would have never thought of ..


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