25 Historical Photos that Introduces Us To The Early Period of 20th century

25 Historical Photos that Introduces Us To The Early Period of 20th century

Usually, when we read a history article or story, it’s mostly just dry facts and your imagination. But an amazing photo gives something a bit different. It shows us how it all actually looked, letting us understand the historical moment more intimately. 

Below are some of the most fascinating rare historical photos ever captured on camera:

1- Eiffel Tower being built, 1880

2- Feet of the ‘Statue of Liberty’ arrive on Liberty Island, 1885

3- New York’s Flatiron Building under construction, 1902

4- Chicago, 1909

5- The streets of New York, 1908

6- The first flight of a pig, 1909

7- The first picture of Machu Picchu upon its discovery, 1912

8- Last picture of Titanic going from Ireland, April 12, 1912

9- The day after the Titanic accident, April 16, 1912

10- Grand Canyon, 1914

11- Harley Davidson Makers, 1914

12- People boarding a bus in London, 1912

13- Top view on the opening day of ‘Umpire State Building’, 1931

14- Hoover Dam back before it was filled with water, 1936

15- ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ being built, 1937

16- Oranges for 1 cent, 1942

17- When Hollywood used to be Hollywoodland, 1949

18- Niagara Falls without water, 1969

19- The McDonald’s menu in the 1970s

20- When ‘roller skates’ first came in the market, 1910

21- The length of the swim suit was not allowed to be more than 6 inches above the knees, 1922

22- Police arresting Martin Luther King outside the court room,1958

23- When airlines served full meals to passengers, 1958

24- Photo before the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. in Texas, 1963

25- Opening day scene of Stars Wars, 1977


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