27 Epic Design Fails That Will Make You Smack Your Forehead!

27 Epic Design Fails That Will Make You Smack Your Forehead!

In our modern times design became increasingly important due to the numerous products and exchange of information, which we encounter nowadays in our every day lives. Design can be defined as the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system. Consequently, one should always assume that a designer drafted thoroughly an object, but if you look at the examples shown below one can doubt that the designer thought his or her creation through.

If you are a designer or if you want to become one, be sure to highlight your creation from every angle in order to avoid epic fails like the ones shown below.

Getting a bath fee when seated

If you love getting wet in water then you must have a seat on this bench.

Wisdom words while riding

Remember while riding a car.

What were they thinking while making?

All we have to do is exchange the signboards on the doors and all will be ok.

They could’ve hung the clock somewhere else

That would have saved them from some stupid labor and an unnecessary paint job.

Even half message has a sense

Surely the message comes comes a witty person.

No child would ever have played on this

Some major space constraints.

How can I come down that stairs?

I can feel my head swooning looking at this.

What’s the purpose of its existence?

Useless idea.

Strange escalator

One strange escalator throwing people against the wall.

Feeling like Air Jordan

The glass is gonna be shattered when someone attempt a two-pointer.

In need of grammar classes

The person who’ve written it is in serious need of grammar classes.

Why Did They Put A Bridge In There?

Simply a waste of space.

They thought it was clever way of advertising

Many people would not be participating in this program.

Lack of common sense

I think this person lacks common sense and doesn’t know that giraffes have long neck.

Useless fancy things

Sometimes fancy things don’t serve much and are useless.

Honesty is not the best policy

I think they are quite dumb.

I’m worried after seeing it

The person who wants to be happy shouldn’t own this tee.

It’s not disabled friendly

Better call an ambulance first before using it.

Why was this staircase made?

Now where does that stairs lead to?

It’s for eating or washing hands?

Who the hell writes all this on a handwash?

Water fountain with a bad aim

If I had been there, I would have scrammed away for sure.

Another spelling fail

A single word changes the meaning of the word.

If anyone doesn’t know about the directions?

How come one does not know about the cardinal directions?

Having two right feet

That’s a botched up print job.

Make sure you are Insured.

You can suffer from a bad fall.

Camper mat for putting magazine

Who would be rich enough for purchasing a mat for the magazine?

Appropriate for kindle only

Who put that audio player in print? Clearly a case of careless proofreading.


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