3 Drunk Men Kidnap Traffic Policeman Then Take Him On A ‘Joyride’ In Mumbai

3 Drunk Men Kidnap Traffic Policeman Then Take Him On A ‘Joyride’ In Mumbai

One can just envision the sort of individuals cops of obligation goes over. That their occupations are intense would be putting it mildly.

As of late, a cop in Rajasthan was slaughtered by a crowd. He was actually pounded the life out of. For what? Since he was carrying out his responsibility and after the contention spiraled crazy, he paid for it with his life. Obviously, their occupations are perilous and dangerous.

What’s more, things don’t appear to improving at this time. On Tuesday, July 16, three alcoholic men, purportedly from Thane, ‘hijacked’ an on-obligation traffic police officer.

They ceased their vehicle amidst a street in the occupied Chheda Nagar area of Chembur in eastern Mumbai, ‘captured’ the traffic cop there and afterward took him for a ‘joyride.’

This is what went down: when police constable Vikas Munde was educated regarding a circumstance prompting issues with traffic, he quickly raced to the spot. He found that a dim Honda City was stopped amidst the street and it was hindering the traffic during surge hour.

He thumped on the windows to converse with the driver and travelers. When one of the travelers moved down their windows, Munde saw that he was in an intoxicated state. The vehicle smelled of alcohol and apparently void lager jugs were lying inside.

He requested that the driver leave the vehicle by the side of the street. The three men, notwithstanding, ventured out of the vehicle and in the alcoholic express that they were in, begun contending with Munde.

“They soon started abusing and beating me. They pounced on me and pushed me inside their car, and before I knew, they were speeding off at high speed.” Munde reportedly said. 

He was then taken into the vehicle by the lowlifes. Munde’s associates figured out how to transfer the messages of assistance by means of his walkie-talkie to the Police Control Room. Quickly a group of police officers from Vikhroli Traffic Police gotten a move on pursued the vehicle down

They caught the sign on the walkie-talkie around three kilometers away close to the Eastern Express Highway in Ghatkopar. They seized the vehicle and two of the alcoholic men were arrested. The third one figured out how to give them the slip.

S.P. Kamble, Senior Police Inspector, Tilak Nagar Police Station allegedly said that the two youths who were captured were 21-year old Viraj S. Shinde and 22-year-old Gaurav M. Panjwani. The police is as yet searching for Raj Singh.

Kamble allegedly stated, “The breath analyser tests uncovered they were intensely flushed, and even unfit to create an impression. We have booked them under different segments of Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicles Act.”

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