30 Bedroom Pictures Of People Across The World Showing Lives Like Never Before

30 Bedroom Pictures Of People Across The World Showing Lives Like Never Before

There’s something about the culture that we cannot explain. There are so many differences in behaviour of people across the world but still they are the same species. Some people love durians and some don’t, some show allergic reactions to certain things and some not. A certain photographer wishes to show the differences through pictures of bedrooms from people across the world.

The pictures include people in their mid-thirties and also high school students. Many of these pictures were staged to show you what their hobbies and life are like.

1.  Manyatta, Kenya, Ezekiel, 22–Year-Old Warrior

2. La Paz, Bolivia, Marcello, 18-Year-Old High School Student

3. Tehran, Iran, Elahe, 29-Year-Old Painter

4. Kathmandu, Nepal, Pema, 22-Year-Old Buddhism Student

5. Zhambyl, Kazakhstan, Zhalay, 18-Year-Old High School Student

6. Paris, France, Joseph, 30-Year-Old Artist

7. Kingston, Jamaica, Camille

8. Istanbul, Turkey, Gulle

9. Bucharest, Romania, Andreea, 24-Year-Old Civil Engineer

10. Tokyo, Japan, Ryoko, 25-Year-Old Information Technology Engineer

11. Berlin, Germany, Maja, 22-Year-Old Architecture Student

12. Beirut, Lebanon, Sabrina, 27-Year-Old Kindergarten Teacher

13. Saint Catherine, Egypt, Mohamed, 18-Year-Old Student Of Traditional Medicine

14. Dali, China, Yuan, 22-Year-Old Salesperson

15. Teheran, Iran, Razieh

16. Paris, France, Derek, 30-Year-Old Movie Director

17. Lesotho, Osia, 18-Year-Old Shepherd

18. Novosibirsk, Russia, Oleg, 24-Year-Old Telecom Engineer

19. Sibundoy, Colombia, Marixa, 21-Year-Old Teacher

20. Cairo, Egypt, Azza, 19-Year-Old Homemaker

21. Thies, Senegal, Fatou, 17-Year-Old Seamstress

22. Varanasi, India, Lalu

23. Ban Sai Ngam, Thailand, Fha

24. Madhya Pradesh, India, Asha, 17-Year-Old Homemaker

25. Nairobi, Kenya, Alice, 29-Year-Old Mother

26. Durban, South Africa, Khetiwe, 22-Year-Old Unemployed

27. Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Ronia

28. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saleh, 30-Year-Old Human Resources Officer

29. New York, USA, Maleeq, 28-Year-Old Entertainer

30. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Claudio, 24-Year-Old Archivist