30 Things Only People Born Before 2000 Will Truly Understand

30 Things Only People Born Before 2000 Will Truly Understand

If you were born before year 2000, your childhood probably consisted of McDonald’s play areas, painstakingly making mix CDs, and renting video cassettes for your Friday night movie time. It was a glorious time, and we grew up watching the world transform before our very eyes. These 30 little things will definitely make you nostalgic about your childhood and dig out your old storage box to rummage through cherished memories. 

1- The golden age of CDs and painfully crafted homemade playlists.

2- Before the days of Netflix and binge-watching, this was our go-to.

3- Movie day at school was always a big event.

4- Before iTunes and its endless catalog, we had this.

5- The struggle of trying to choose between these styles for every school project.

6- Never really figuring out how to play this game, but trying your best anyway.

7- The pain of losing one of these pieces and ruining your favorite pencil forever.

8- The PlayStation 1.

9- The original handheld game sensation, before the Gameboy was invented.

10- The TV with the built-in VCR.

11- This all-too-familiar problem from the early days of the internet.

12- The endlessly entertaining Windows screensavers.

13- The video instructions for Windows 95.

14- How we used to spend our time in the class.

15- Troll pencil-toppers.

16- The infamous cootie catchers.

17- These slides in the playground.

18- This is how we used to “block” someone.

19- 80’s smart watch.

20- So much collection of stickers.

21- This is where destroyed jeans started.

22- Light grey keyboards.

23- Gaining some retail experience.

24- Cleaning out a computer mouse was always an ordeal.

25- Our happy meal at McDonald’s.

26- Pizza Hut’s iconic drinking glasses.

27- The legendary Crayola stamp markers that we used to decorate EVERYTHING.

28- This little critter that we used to give our friends a little scare.

29- Rolling up a car window was a strenuous workout.

30- The struggle of trying to fit a whole Discman into your pocket.


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