4 Bollywood Actresses who Never Want to Work With King of Romance ‘Shahrukh Khan’

4 Bollywood Actresses who Never Want to Work With King of Romance ‘Shahrukh Khan’

Shah Rukh Khan is known to be the most charming actor in the Tinsel Town! Right from Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma, he has made the careers of quite a few actresses and all have been swept away by his irresistible persona. So when we come to know that there have been some Bollywood actresses who have refused to work with the King, we are slightly taken aback.

Have a look at four such names that don’t want to work with SRK.

Sonam Kapoor

Reports said Sonam was the first choice of Aditya Chopra for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, the role that was later bagged by Anushka Sharma. However, Shah Rukh didn’t want to work with her. When asked about the same to Sonam, she said, “I guess he doesn’t want to work with me.” But the other side of the story says it was Sonam who refused the role as she thought the actor would be too old for her. What’s the truth?

Ameesha Patel

As same as Sonam Kapoor, Ameesha thinks the same. She thinks that Shah Rukh is much older than her and fans won’t like their pair. However, Ameesha is not getting any work in the Bollywood these days.

Hema Malini

She’s the same actress who gave Shah Rukh his first major break in Bollywood with the 1992 Dil Aashna Hai, which marked her directorial debut. But believe it or not, Hema Malini was once quoted saying that SRK does overacting in his films and his performances are not natural or real. Is this the reason she never acted in a film with him?

Kangana Ranaut

She’s singularly the bravest voice in the industry. She’s not afraid of anyone and believes in speaking her heart out! And most importantly, she doesn’t believe in succumbing to the stardom of the Khans to meet her own ends. Elaborating on her no-Khans policy, the three-time National Award winner said,

“There is no longevity with working with Khans. It’s the other way around. Where would it take me? Can it take me a notch higher than where I already am? It cannot! What can it give me that I have already not achieved? I can’t see a single thing…if you can tell me.” 

Talking about SRK, she said, 

“Shah Rukh sir, I am a huge fan. It’s very unfortunate that our paths will never cross.”


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