4 Famous Bollywood Stars Who Hate Prime Minister Narendra Modi Like Hell!

4 Famous Bollywood Stars Who Hate Prime Minister Narendra Modi Like Hell!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 5 years rule is going towards its end now. The 4 years are as of now gone and in the following general race, not exactly a year is cleared out. Arrangements has been started for elections in the political area have begun once more. Bollywood and governmental issues have a profound relationship from so long. A considerable lot of the performing artists left acting and joined governmental issues and ended up fruitful.

Numerous Bollywood on-screen characters are lawmakers even today. Today we will enlighten you regarding the famous people who are against Narendra Modi strategy. They scrutinized Modi in general society ordinarily.

1) Swara Bhaskar

Swara has made her a stamp in Bollywood with her magnificent acting aptitudes. She shows up in the supporting role in a large portion of the movies. Via web-based networking media, she has regularly unequivocally censured the present government and its arrangements.

2) Prakash Raj

The hotshot of the South and famous antagonist of the Bollywood, Prakash Raj is one of the solid protestors of Narendra Modi on the web based life. He spoke to individuals not to vote in favor of Narendra Modi. He once said to the media, since he began talking against Modi, he isn’t getting the work in movies.

3) Anurag Kashyap

The popular movie director Anurag Kashyap censured Modi’s activities and arrangements. He can be found in a war of words via web-based networking media with Narendra Modi government as regularly.

4) Richa Chaddha

The Fukrey film popularity scrutinizes Modi government and brings up difficult issues against PM Narendra Modi. She generally censures present government activities on the Twitter.